A popular Chinese vlogger accidentally showed a real face and … lost her fans

Success in social media is most often addicted to the appearance, as the popular Chinese vlogger, who by accident mistakenly showed fans his true self, became a painful sight.

The woman, working in the media as Your Highness Qiao Biluo, turned out to be a decade older than the persona she presented to others in her materials, using special filters. Everything seemed to be a mistake during one of her last live streams on Douyu platform, which showed viewers the true face of their idol – beautiful and young goddess disappeared, who thanks to “sweet and soothing voice” gathered on her channel 100,000 followers, and her place she took a much older, unknown woman.

What’s most interesting, the fans themselves asked Your Highness Qiao Biluo to remove the filters, because they have long suspected her of using them and showed them their true face, but she confessed that she could not do so until she received a subsidy of the total amount of nearly 12 thousand USD. Fans quickly mobilized themselves to action, and one of the people even paid $ 5,000 a month, but soon afterwards it turned out that completely unnecessarily, because as a result of the error everyone could see the idol’s face completely free, and this long did not even realize that something is happening – you can see it on the following material.

And although the incident quickly became a viral in China, due to the unexpected nature of this disclosure, it should be noted that the use of face filters in live streams in this country is very common. South China Morning Post even prepared a special document in which he revealed how popular stars make completely new faces, thanks to make-up and filters, completely different from those which nature has given them. Is there anything wrong with that? Everyone has to answer this question himself, but it can not be denied that the phenomenon is disturbing for many reasons.

First of all, some users confessed after the event that they feel cheated by idol and pulled on money, because it turned out to be something different from the ideal image presented in the media. On the other hand, after revealing it quickly turned out, in what times we live, because when Your Highness Qiao Biluo turned out to be a mediocre middle-aged woman, users immediately lost interest in it, even though they listened to her soothing voice afterwards. . Anyway, it’s good to be aware of how modern social media work, to avoid possible disappointment later – when it comes to the vlogger itself, after the initial outflow of fans, the popular material from the disclosure brought her 500,000 new.