An unknown mineral on Earth was discovered in a meteorite that fell in Siberia

Sometimes we don’t have to move from Earth to discover something fascinating. All we have to do is watch the cosmic rocks fall to Earth and then try to find them. This is what happened recently in Siberia.

It is highly probable that it may turn out that a deep surprise has come to us from deep space. Such an event has recently taken place in Russian Siberia. Scientists have found there a meteorite, which contains a mineral that is not found and yet unknown on the planet.

He received the name uakityt in honor of the place where it was discovered, namely Uakit. The Russians reported this fact during the Annual Meeting of The Meteoritical Society 2018 in Moscow.

Space rock consists of 98% kamacite, i.e. an iron and nickel alloy. Such material naturally arises at a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius, only in outer space and can get to the surface of our planet thanks to cosmic rocks. The same applies to the unique mineral called uakityt.

An unknown mineral on Earth was discovered in a meteorite that fell in Siberia. Fig. technologius.

Scientists examined the meteorite and found traces of this mineral in it, about 25 times smaller than a grain of sand. Unfortunately, there is too little of it to determine its physical properties. However, it turned out that it is similar to previously discovered in meteorites other minerals called carlsbergit and osbornite, which contain a single nitrogen atom.

Their attribute is extraordinary hardness, so they would be suitable for abrasive material, but in such small amounts that we have, they can only have an educational value. Uakityit can boast of obtaining just over 9 points on the Mohs hardness scale, in which diamonds reach 10 points.