This was the second landing of the Hayabusa-2 probe on the cosmic rock

Japanese astronomers from the Hayabusa-2 probe mission boasted a new movie from the second successful landing of the vehicle on Ryugu’s potentially terrestrial planetoid. Here’s the recording.

The first landing took place on February 21 this year and the second on July 11. Between the first and the second, there was also a bombing of the cosmic rock with a kinetic charge. Thanks to all three of these tasks, the scientists took valuable samples of the Ryugu surface.

A thorough examination of them will take place on Earth, as the probe will soon embark on a return journey to our planet. Obtained extremely valuable information will allow us to not only develop technologies that will give us a chance to protect against cosmic rocks, but also allow us to get to know the turbulent past of the formation of celestial bodies and the Earth and the flowering of biological life on it.

The Japanese believe that objects like Ryugu, before billions of years, could bring to Earth and initiate the flourishing of life as we know it. If in reality it was as they suggest, then life in the Universe may be more common than we think. It must be emphasized here that this object belongs also to the Apollo group, which means that in the future it may pose a threat to our planet.

The place of the second landing was the area of ​​the crater, which was created as a result of the impact of the impactor from the Japanese probe in April this year. This was the first bombardment of the planetoid in the history of mankind. We would like to remind you that the Small Carry-on Impactor (SCI) impactor is a 2.5 kilogram copper block that was formed under the influence of the explosion of 4.5 kilograms of HMX plastic explosive. It collided with the asteroid at a speed of about 2 km / s and led to the formation of a crater with a diameter of 10 meters.

During the latest landing, the vehicle collected further dust and rock samples from the surface of the facility. The Hayabusa-2 probe will provide collected samples from the entire 100 milligram mission to Earth for more thorough research. Therefore, this mission is considered historical. The probe should start returning to Earth in December 2019. The samples should fall into the hands of scientists a year later.

A 35-kilometer Hyperloop railway track will be built in Saudi Arabia

This is certain. Virgin Hyperloop One, owned by Richard Branson, head of the Virgin group, will build the world’s longest railroad of the future in the desert. It will be an introduction to the construction of a futuristic city of the future.

The project involves the construction of a 35-kilometer stretch of the Hyperloop route in the King Abdullah Economic City. The city is located between Mecca and Medina. The implementation of the entire undertaking will be carried out by Virgin Hyperloop One, which is currently a pioneer in the development of this technology in the world.

Currently, the company already has a full-size capsule and 500-meter test track under Las Vegas, where it successfully tests its magnetic rail technology. Virgin’s capsule has recently reached a speed of 387 km / h. The construction of the Hyperloop route is to begin within 2 years.

The Future Railway is just one of many futuristic projects planned by Prince Muhammad ibn Salman ibn Abd al-Aziz Al Su’uda, successor to the throne of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Vision 2030 project involves the construction of a several hundred kilometer long Hyperloop route from Neom to King Abdullah Economic City, Mecca and Riyadh. The country’s authorities want to create a new Arab silicon valley in the northern part of the country.

Virgin Hyperloop One wants to build the future of Hyperloop, not only in Saudi Arabia. This technology is also very popular in the United Arab Emirates and India. Richard Branson’s company already has plans to build a network in Dubai and Mumbai. Recently, we also had the opportunity to see plans to build a global transport system based on Hyperloop. The company cooperates with DP World Cargospeed in this matter.

Norway will open remotely controlled salmon farms next year

When we think about the most important export goods, most often we can think of raw materials such as coal, oil and gas, but in some countries these are also … salmon that can be grown with the help of AI.

Norway produces and sends abroad the largest number of farmed salmon in the world. Last year it was 1.1 million tons. No wonder that producers are looking for newer solutions in the field of breeding, especially since this is not so simple. For example, feeding her now consumes half of all costs, and you can not forget about the so-called salmon salves, which feed on certain types of salmonids and contribute to breeding losses, because even if the parasite does not kill the fish, they can do some delousing methods, which costs the salmon business billions of dollars a year.

The answer to these problems is to be automated remote control farms invented by Arctic Offshore Farming (belonging to Norway Royal Salmon), where in large monitored farms in the open sea, full of appropriate tools, Norwegians will grow salmon and trout. We are talking about up to 3,500 highly specialized farms that can accommodate up to 400 million fish, which on the one hand are to respond to the constantly increasing demand for these fish, and on the other significantly reduce the cost of their production, even by eliminating the above-mentioned problems. Homesteads will be equipped with indicators, sensors and cameras that give operators the ability to remotely monitor the condition of fish, their feeding, cleaning the net and respond to changing environmental and meteorological conditions.

The feeding system itself is to reduce the cost of energy by 50%, and what’s more, the fish will be in the open ocean, some 10-40 meters below the surface, below the euphotic zone where salmon lice feed, so their mortality rate also decreases. Tests of the new solution will start next year, first off the coast of the Troms district, and if everything goes as planned, the farms will later be moved deeper into the sea. As for the infrastructure itself, we are talking about round pens with a diameter of about 79 meters, resembling huge fish baskets, each of which can accommodate up to 600,000 adults.

Ecological Large Hadron Collider will help to warm up nearby houses in winter

The most advanced machine in the history of mankind, thanks to which we can study the space surrounding us extremely precisely and discover the greatest mysteries of the Universe, will become environmentally friendly.

The Large Hadron Collider allowed our civilization to begin exploring the Universe in ways never before achieved. Unfortunately, these benefits are paid by the adverse impact of this machinery on the natural environment. The CERN center consumes unlimited energy during complex experiments. It is often as much as a large country needs.

Therefore, the authorities of the center decided to make the LHC more environment-friendly, according to the principle, let’s bake two birds with one stone. The project involves the use of huge amounts of energy not only on key physical experiments for humanity, but also their side effect to ensure a better life for thousands of inhabitants of Geneva.

The Large Hadron Collider has a special cooling system, assisted by water circulation. The liquid heats up during operation of the machine to 30 degrees Celsius. The resort authorities want to use some of the hot water and heat of air generated during the operation of other appliances and air conditioning systems to heat nearby houses. It’s about the Ferney-Voltaire region, where new housing estates are built for over 8,000 people.

Hot water from the LHC cooling system will be collected at point 8 and directed to the geothermal zone of urban development. Fig. CERN.

LHC will soon be expanded, and in the 20s it will be replaced by an even more powerful research device. The authorities are planning to gradually expand their ecological project to make the most of its potential and return the center to ecological tracks.

Recall that CERN plans to build a new particle accelerator called Future Circular Collider. It is to be 4 times bigger than LHC. Its length is to be as high as 100 kilometers, while the LHC has only 27 kilometers. The FCC will be ready in 2040, and the total construction cost is expected to amount to 11-23 billion dollars. The project is to take part Elon Musk with his company The Boring Company.

The official medals of the Olympics in Tokyo are made of parts of smartphones

The fast-paced Olympic Games in Japan, which will take place as early as 2020, are to overshadow with their panache and amazing ideas for the 21st century, all historic events.

We already know that the SonO ambassador has been Son Goku, and the mascots are to be small Gundam and Char Zak works that will be on board a special microsatellite. The robots will measure only a few centimeters high, but both will face a great cosmic mission to the glory of the homeland.

But it is not everything. There is also a great pro-ecological side of this great venture from the world of sport. Well, all Olympic medals were made of parts obtained from the recycling of smartphones. As in every electronics there are precious metals such as nickel, gold, silver or platinum, the Japanese have collected tens of thousands of broken and unnecessary smartphones, and then extracted from them up to 7 tons of metal, including 30 kilograms of gold, 4,100 kilograms of silver and 2,700 kilograms of bronze.

We are talking about collecting precious ores for the creation of 5,000 medals. The organizers have already informed that for the last 3 years they have managed to fully realize their extraordinary project, the first one in the history of this type of events. It helped in the implementation of 2.5 thousand special points, in which you could leave your beloved gadget with the thought of supporting this noble idea.

The action surprised not only the originators of the project, but the Japanese themselves. In total, nearly 48 tons of electronic equipment have been collected. One of the domestic operators supported the campaign by handing over as many as 5 million smartphones, which were left at the showrooms by customers.

Extracting precious metals from them is not such a difficult task, because you can obtain 0.034 grams of gold and 0.34 grams of silver from an ordinary iPhone. When we have millions of such devices at our disposal, they make big kilos. Most importantly, however, Olympians will receive extraordinary medals for their successes, in which millions of Japanese people have contributed to the creation.

The Pentagon revealed the secrets of the secret mini-shuttle X-37B

The design of the spacecraft called X-37B from DARPA and the Pentagon has been one of the greatest mysteries hidden by the US army for years. Now extremely interesting information about this strange machine has been revealed.

It turns out that the mini-shuttle has the ability to quickly change the orbit. This is why he unexpectedly disappeared from the view of observers and it was hard to spot him again. Heather Wilson, a former secretary of the US Air Force (USAF), revealed that the vehicle can change its orbit to elliptical in such a way that the perigee touches the atmosphere, and then using its gliding techniques, move unnoticed on the near Earth of space.

This shows emphatically that this is not just a machine serving as a cosmic laboratory to perform tests of various technologies in the Earth’s orbit, but most likely also can be equipped with nuclear weapons. Some time ago, the Pentagon announced that space vehicles will be created that will be able to perform a super-fast and effective nuclear strike at any target on the entire planet. X-37B can be a prototype of such a machine.

What’s most interesting, the ability to quickly change the orbit by this mini-shuttle spends sleep on the eyelids of Russia and China, which are unable to control, in contrast to spy satellites, what is happening at the moment with the vehicle and the area in which it is located. Representatives of the Pentagon mock US enemies, making it clear that the X-37B is simply invisible to them.

An amateur astronomer found and immortalized a secret American shuttle in the picture. Fig. Ralf Vandeberg.

The military also revealed that the new Chinese and Russian satellites were built in such a way that they could try to observe the DARPA vehicle, but as before, they failed to do so, because before that happened, the machine changed its orbit in advance.

The best example of her abilities, annoying other armies of the world, is the fact that X-37B has recently been spotted in orbit. This was done by Ralph Vandeberg, an astronomy amateur from the Netherlands. He decided to use his modified 10-inch telescope for this (see here). A few hours after he published in the global network of information about the location of the vehicle, he changed his orbit and can not be found until now.

Stream TV series online for free and legally

“Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, “Crime Scene”: Anyone who misses their favorite series on TV, can also access streaming platforms. But which offers are free and legal? Our news shows where you can see good conscience TV series on the Internet.

Streaming movies and TV shows via Netflix, Watchever, Amazon, Apple TV, and other services into your living room is really great – but usually comes with fees. Same if you want to watch hd movies online. But there are also more and more providers who bring the regular TV program to the Internet for free. The days when fans had to wait regularly for the same time in front of the flicker box on their favorite series are over so.

Stream US series online

Most series are first broadcast on US television, before they flicker across the screen in this country. If you do not want to wait, you can of course also download the series in English via an appropriate US portal. Fans of American series or films can find it on the video platforms “hulu”, “Sony’s Crackle” or “The WB”.

On the streaming pages users can watch the latest episodes of many series online – in the original and often completely free. The media libraries of the major US broadcasters NBC, Fox, CBS and ABC provide episodes of numerous series online. For the US portals, however, users need an American IP address. Based on this number, website operators can see in which country the subscriber is sitting. So if you want to watch anyway, you have to resort to a program like “HotSpotShield” to get to an American IP address.

Streaming video on Youtube and MyVideo is free, but with commercials. Youtube has now released a movie channel, on the series just as well as whole films are ready to stream. Due to legal restrictions are usually older films on offer. As far as series are concerned, the video platform sometimes delivers entire seasons of German sitcoms, documentaries or concerts. Here you will find the channel for TV shows, which are regularly filled with content by the production studios.

If you want to watch both american and foreign languages TV Series online without limits and paying, the choice can be only one: VipMovies. VipMovies offer thousands of old and new TV Shows and Series to watch online, fast servers and daily updates make it the best option compared to paid platforms and other full of ads free tv series streaming websites.

Militaria Pentagon has a futuristic weapon that it will use when storming Zone 51

On September 20, an attack of over a million people banded on social networks on a secret base called Zone 51 in Nevada is planned. Fans of conspiracy theories want to see if strangers are kept there.

Unfortunately, it will not be an easy task. The Pentagon declared that it was prepared for this action and volunteers would have to reckon with the use of all sorts of ways to deter them (see here). At the same time, the army presented the results of their work on a very strange project that will officially be used in the non-lethal and psychological system of deterring the enemy with the help of blinding light and voices.

They are created in a plasma sphere, created with the help of two lasers. The first of these, the femtosecond laser, creates a glowing plasma ball, and the other, nanolaser, tuned to an extremely narrow range of wavelengths, changes its structure. Along with its movements, light and acoustic waves are generated.

In practice, it looks like the army can create such a phenomenon in the atmosphere, in the form of a holographic-acoustic spectacle, for example over the area occupied or stormed by the enemy, and speak to people as though God himself spoke to them from Heaven. This form of deterrence is characterized by such high efficiency as LRAD systems installed from ships.

the pentagon reported that it is testing the system. Most likely, it can be used already in September, when fans of conspiracy theories will try to storm the Zone 51. We can expect events in the sky similar to the vision of the Blue Beam project.

It sounds scary enough, but it can be effective, at least the Pentagon says. Most importantly, this is not a deadly weapon, but nevertheless effective. On the above footage you can see how it looks in practice. Probably nothing more frightening you have not seen in the past week.

Internet Watching pornography on a global network is ruining the climate of our planet

As recent research suggests, porn films on the web emit as much carbon dioxide as a small state. So it looks like they are not as friendly to nature as it might seem.

Temperatures that prevail in some countries of the world really give food for thought and mobilize even small changes limiting our impact on climate change. What can we do? According to recent research … watch less porn on the web! Such conclusions come from a report published by the French The Shift Project, an independent advisory committee of a non-profit organization calling for a total abandonment of a coal-based economy.

How can we learn from it, online video generates 60% of the entire data flow in the network or 1 zetaabyte of data, while generating 300 million tons of carbon dioxide per year – it is more or less the same as the whole of Spain. One third comes from video-on-demand (VoD) services, like Netflix, and the same from watching porn on the web, which means the same amount of carbon dioxide generated as countries such as Belgium or Nigeria.

All because the production and use of digital technologies requires a lot of resources and electricity, and as estimated by The Shift Project, the energy demand of this internet industry is growing every year by some 9%. As we read in the report: – Although we already know the negative impact of digital technologies on the environment, these are still growing. And the situation will only get worse, because it is enough to mention that soon there will be another streaming service on the market, ie Google Stadia, and more people are watching content only at high resolutions, so CO2 emissions will increase.

As we can learn from the report, controlling the impact of online content on the state of the environment requires a lot of goodwill from us, that is, the transition from digital immoderate to true sobriety. This means “prioritizing location of funds depending on their functionality, adapting to the physical constraints of our planet, while maintaining the most valuable contribution of digital technologies to social life”. Is it even possible? It’s rather hard to imagine, but to make us realize how much greenhouse gases our computer emits, the Shift Project recommends installing the extension to the Firefox browser, which visualizes it.

Astronomy The Chinese space station Tiangong-2 finally fell to Earth in the Pacific region

In June last year, the Pentagon announced that another Chinese space station could soon fall to Earth. It’s about Tiangong-2, on whose board Chinese astronauts have been recently.

At the beginning of April last year, the whole world held its breath when there was information about the inevitable collapse of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1, which the Middle Kingdom lost control in the autumn of 2016. Everyone was afraid that he would fall into a big city and lead to a terrible catastrophe. Eventually her remains fell into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, thankfully not causing any damage.

However, another threat appeared on the horizon. This time it was about the second Chinese space station called Tiangong-2. They had recently been hosted by astronauts aboard her. They carried out valuable experiments from the point of view of exploration and space exploration.

Tiangong-2 began to rapidly lower its orbit in June last year. Nearly 9-ton space laboratory was located at the height of 380 kilometers above the surface of our planet and for months to come closer to the Earth. Yesterday (19.07), quite unexpectedly, the China Space Agency announced a successful station deorbit.

The space installation was partially burnt in the atmosphere, and the remaining debris fell into the waters of the Pacific Ocean in an area known as the dump of satellites. The whole undertaking took place in a completely controlled and safe manner.

However, the Middle Kingdom wants to go a step further and send a manned mission to the Silver Globe. To make this possible, first plans are to build a large space station on Earth’s orbit. It will be baptized with the name Tiangong, in honor of previous modules. Initially, it was supposed to start in 2020, but the problems with building the most powerful rocket in the country’s history, called Chang Zheng 5, forced the government to verify its plans.

Most likely, the first element of the cosmic home will be carried into orbit in 2022. The station in appearance will be very similar to the famous Russian Mir, but slightly smaller than it. China wants astronauts to be constantly on board, and conduct important research and experiments. Interestingly, the Middle Kingdom is not going to bunk in space. Recently, the government invited other countries around the world to cooperate in the construction of this facility.