That’s how SpaceX prepares to send astronauts to orbit with Dragon

Although after the explosion of the prototype manned capsule there were huge complications in preparation for the second Dragon mission, SpaceX is already behind the worst, as evidenced by the latest tests with the evacuation of astronauts.

The Elona Muska company has already carried out a fully successful Dragon flight to the International Space Station, so now it’s high time for a manned flight, with astronauts on board. It will be a historic moment for the American space industry. For now, SpaceX has not revealed when this event will happen, but experts believe it will be the end of this year.

Before this happens, however, there will be one more flight. It will rely on the astronaut evacuation system test if a crash occurs during space flight. Of course, there will be no astronauts on board the capsule either. The test will take place in a few weeks. If all planned tasks are completed successfully, the first astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Bob Behnken, will be able to embark on a maiden flight.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and NASA engineers conducted tests at Trident Basin on Cape Canaveral regarding the safe exit of astronauts from the capsule already on board the GO Searcher rescue vessel and providing them with professional medical assistance. Interestingly, the tasks involved a rescue helicopter that transported astronauts to the hospital.

The experiments were also carried out on the famous LC-39A launch platform, from where space flights will take place. Then astronauts will have to learn how to quickly get out of the capsule, and rescuers will help them in this rather complicated process already directly in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to see more pictures from rescue experiments, then you can do it here.

technology advices.

Another threat on our smartphones! A serious Bluetooth vulnerability has been detected

Security specialists have just revealed another vulnerability in the popular standard, which allows you to take over the device remotely without major difficulties. Manufacturers of mobile devices are already preparing patches.

The vulnerability was named KNOB and affects almost every device equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, and it is a vulnerability in the authorization protocol that can be used to conduct a man in the middle attack between two paired devices. But what is most important in all this, according to researchers, there is no evidence that anyone used it in this way. However, this is possible because the vulnerability reduces the encryption strength of the combination used to connect two devices together and take complete control over them, and the case is so serious that it requires changes to the official Bluetooth specification.

And how exactly does this vulnerability work? Quite creative, because the attacker instead of using the brute force attack, i slick tips.e. breaking passwords by checking all possible combinations, can join the pairing process, where devices voluntarily connect to each other, exchanging public keys. Although the keys change with each pairing, but if the attacker gains access to them early enough, they can force a shorter key during the next verification, even a 1-symbol one, while remaining unnoticed.

The vulnerability was detected by researchers at Singapore University of Technology and Design, Oxford and CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, who named it KNOB from Key Negotiation of Bluetooth. Tests were carried out using more than 17 different Bluetooth chips that are popular in consumer products and it turned out that all of them are vulnerable to the attack using the vulnerability – Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Chicony or Apple, no manufacturer has avoided vulnerability, and only devices using Bluetooth Low Energy turned out to be insensitive.

However, what is worth emphasizing, although this vulnerability is widespread and affects almost all Bluetooth devices, its use forces the attacker into very specific conditions. e.g. it must be in range of both devices during the pairing process, and then intercept, manipulate and resend negotiation messages regarding the key length to both devices, while blocking transmission from both. What’s more, the whole process must be repeated every time encryption is turned on, so this is a big challenge for a hacker – one way or another, you can not underestimate this, so the largest manufacturers are already releasing the appropriate patches, and Bluetooth SIG changes the specification of the standard, forcing manufacturers to use a key of at least 7 characters in future devices.


Soon everyone will be able to follow whoever they want straight from the satellite

Josef Koller, a former senior adviser on space policy at the US Secretary of Defense’s office, announced that he is creating a project with the enigmatic sounding name GEOINT Singularity for all inhabitants of our planet.

GEOINT Singularity will be a gigantic constellation of microsatellites that will orbit the Earth in low orbit and observe all, even the wildest areas of it. The devices will also offer quick access to a global 5G network. The goal of the project is to enable observation and tracking of any person without a break, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Until now, such systems were reserved only for government agencies, but Koller wants to give power over them to the people, so that every inhabitant of our planet, for free and in any dimension, can watch / preview all areas of our planet, animals and people. It may sound scary, because it will affect people’s privacy, but if everyone can use this powerful system, then the fears will disappear and the world will become a better place. At least, that’s the vision of a former employee of the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s office.

GEOINT Singularity will be based on the latest observation systems that can be carried out despite the cloud cover, as well as at night. The entire installation is to use the benefits of a super-fast 5G network and be supervised by artificial intelligence technologies. Interestingly, the system is to be ultimately associated with mobile devices of the Internet of Things, thanks to which the system is to collect information about the location of each person and the activities it performs without interruption and in all circumstances.

Koller does not hide that GEOINT Singularity can become a Big Brother in the Chinese fashion of the Citizens Assessment System, but it is this system of permanent surveillance and the availability of information about each citizen that causes fewer crimes, and people are more open to each other and empathetic. We’ll live and see if Josef Koller’s idea will be implemented at all and will work.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

In this guide, we present you the list of best free movie streaming sites where you can watch any movie or TV series without the need to register or pay anything at all. You can check them one by one later, but first let me explain few movie streaming terms.

What is streaming?

Streaming is a technology used for instant viewing or playback of multimedia content (music, movies and videos) online, without downloading them. It is an interesting alternative to enjoy new releases and your favorite movies, but also to access the culture on the Internet.

Where to find best free movie streaming sites in 2019?

Many streaming sites allow you to watch movies for free online. Here is a list of the best free sites for your HD streaming in 2019. Be careful as some of these sites are illegal, and we advise against using them because it does not respect the copyrights and do not have the broadcasting rights! Unlike legal streaming platforms like the Netflix subscription or Amazon Prime Video.

Looking for a free streaming site to watch your favorite movies or series? TipsDump invites you to discover the best free movie streaming sites.

Let alone with video players that do not stop every 10sec because the server is so slow or overloaded that it requires to load the video stream again!

Faced with the threat of criminal penalties for anyone downloading audiovisual content, streaming sites have quickly become a convenient and secure alternative for many Internet users. Faced with the growing number of streaming sites proliferating on the web, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. TipsDump offers you here a top movie streaming websites list.

If you do not want to spend money streaming, you can find a lot of sites that do not load at all. It is scattered all over the Internet.

In this case, the best free movie streaming sites without registration until 2019 can be found easily around the world online.


Due to the fact that users are requesting options that only use HTML5 video, such options have now been included. Keep in mind that these will also give free movie streaming on PlayStation and Xbox. Do not hesitate to come back from time to time for new updates.

Compare sites with the most effective movie streaming platforms and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Use at least one of the sites below to watch free streaming movies without any registration.

1. Gomovies

Gomovies is currently the most popular movie streaming site of the moment. The site offers to watch movies in HD for free and unlimited. Shared links on the site allow you to watch movies in HD quality. Regularly updated, Gomovies has a catalog offering a wide range of films that will make you enjoy the latest releases and classics.

The dead links are changed very regularly and it is very easy to find exactly what corresponds to our desire of the moment thanks to the search by categories (movies, series or anime), classification in alphabetical order and by seasons.

Gomovies is the best streaming site of this year, it offers movies in alphabetical order. In addition it is easy to sort the movies by year! What can become quickly essential especially when you are looking for a film not too old. The site is fully mobile and tablet compatible, you can watch movies anywhere, anytime. Gomovies is a totally free streaming site, without any registration and available on the phone. A real top 1 in this list of best free movie streaming sites.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker – another film streaming site from our ranking who stands out from the rest of alternative streaming sites by the number of links available: Openload,, rapidvideo, vidoza or download links 1file, uptobox, etc…

This movie streaming site only offers legal content. For this, the creators have decided to provide Internet users with films that have fallen in the public domain, but also free films and fan films.



3. Vipmovies

Vipmovies as its name suggests, offers free streaming movies. This is one of the platforms that has done it very well since 2016. What I particularly like are the short films, the genres, the covers of movie stars planned for the newly added sections.

Another great feature is the first-rate video player chosen by default across pages. This allows subtitles (cc), very smooth loading and a range of video quality settings.


– No intrusion of ads like in other places
– An excellent video player offered at the site level
– The suggested movies are pretty decent
– Easy to get a quick overview of each movie

4. Solarmovie

One of the best sites without registration in 2019 is definitely Solarmovie. You can stream any movie online or TV series on this website.

All you have to do is simply select the title you want to watch. This website contains television series from many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, India and many others.

You can also choose the quality of the video, including HD quality. In addition, Solarmovie usually provides all new Hollywood and other country movies.

You can easily navigate to find the movie you are looking for using the navigation option. It is available in several categories, including genres and titles.

5. Yesmovies

With its rich catalog of films (classified by year of production and genres) but also its television series, anime and documentaries. Watch any kind of movie you want with Yesmovies, especially in HD quality.

You do not need to register or pay any engagement fees to stream videos on Yesmovies. There are no limitations or advertisements on Yesmovies.

Just take your time browsing the different categories and find the video you want and to you 100% free streaming.

6. Fmovies

Watch unlimited streaming movies and series on Fmovies. You’ll find movies and series by genre (Comedy, Romance, Musical, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Horror-horror, Thriller, Drama, Documentary, Biopic, Drama, Animation, Police, Action, Miscellaneous, Opera, War , Science fiction) that you can watch without being interrupted by unwanted advertisements or by a certain limitation of imposed duration. Everything is 100% free and clean.



7. 123movies

123movies is the new platform for free streaming of movies and series in English. Its catalog is powerful and regularly updated which allows you to be up to date with all the news in the world of cinema.

Although this site is newer in the field, the amount of content offered allows us to put it at the top of this list to help you spend a quiet time and HD streaming on your big screens. Read this article you want more to know more about 123movies and the offer it presents.

8. Gomovieshub

Very light but still offering full movies without limit and videos in HD, gomovieshub does not ask you any inscription whatever your region of origin and does not impose you the limit of the films to watch a day. It’s a great choice if you want to stream movies, anime and documentaries.

Also it should be noted that advertising is less on gomovieshub and that you can follow your movies with complete peace of mind.

9. YesMovie

With yesmovie, you can choose to watch or download free movies. It’s you who decide! On yesmovie, discover a new way to live your passion for streaming! Download for free and enjoy valid quality links!

The least we can say is that yesmovie is just great! For each film or series you want, you can either choose to stream it or download it with direct download links that they offer in HDRIP, 720p HDLIGHT, 1080p HDLIGHT, 720p BLURAY, WEB-DL 1080p; So you choose what you want!

Maybe you will find your happiness on yesmovie! Above there are thousands of series to watch like The Flash, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Killjoys, Another Life or America’s got Talent. In this site you will find recent series, in hd. No registration is required, the film is launched directly from the film page. If you are unable to launch the movie, try to change streaming platform, you have on your left the list of available players. Absolutely it deserves the place in our ranking of best free movie streaming sites

10. 123movie

123movie is the new streaming platform that specializes in broadcasting television series with HD video quality. Thanks to its powerful catalog, which lists hundreds of thousands of series, 123movie continues to skyrocket!

It is light and does not display unwanted advertisements that could disturb your navigation! It’s a great choice if you want to see movies, cartoons, documentaries and even shows in english language and High Definition quality!

11. Putlockers

It has a well-stocked catalog of movies, documentaries, shows, anime and cartoons. Design is very similar to 123movies and Gomovies websites.

Putlockers is certainly one of the oldest sites streaming movies, series and anime without limitation, without advertising and without registration.

Putlockers is one of the streaming sites that have been able to resist for several years on the same address and this despite all the threats to which all streaming sites are exposed.

12. SolarMovies

Solarmovies is a top free movie streaming site in which you can watch all your favorite movies online directly in streaming or you can tweak a bit to download these videos without registration. You can watch movies, series and anime unlimited! Still, you can request a movie that is not in the catalog! This site is simply a small gold mine to exploit!



13. Vipmovie

If you are looking for a reliable streaming site that offers many movies to watch, we recommend you to also visit vipmovie! On top you will easily find a menu that classifies movies by genre (comedy, action, drama, crime…) and when you go to the film page, you will have the choice between several streaming players. This can be interesting, when a player is down the film mirror no longer exists.

In order to watch the movies, you will not need to register or pay, it’s totally free and the use of the site is quite easy. The only disadvantage of the site is that it is not possible to have more filters to do better research, for example by year or by user reviews. On the homepage of the streaming site vipmovie.

14. Fmovie

Another streaming site like 123movies. Fmovie is closing our list of best free movie streaming sites. In the same genre as Fmovie, ie with totally free access, a wide choice of recent movies or not and without any mandatory registration at all. In this english-language streaming site you will find lots of movies to watch easily.

As we told you, this site is similar to 123movies, when viewing you can change any streaming player (, rapidvideo, or A handy option when the movie is no longer available on a player. On your right, you will have at your disposal a drop-down menu that offers comedies, concerts, dramas, thrillers, or movies of the Bollywood).

This list of the best streaming sites, presents a small list of sites where you can watch movies online on your pc, phone or tablet. It is possible that the links are out of date, sites of this kind change quite often domain extension. We try to update this list regularly, which is only indicative.

To get a better picture quality, we recommend selecting only HDRIP format movies that correspond to HD quality, DVDRIP that will be the equivalent of a DVD, or BDRIP that is not always in HD but which corresponds to the image of a blu-ray. TVRIP (film recorded directly from a television), CAM (filmed directly in a movie theater) formats will offer you a very variable image quality.

Beware other streaming sites you can find in the internet can be illegal!

Many people in United States regularly use illegal streaming sites. Indeed, since this technology exists, watching a movie or an online series is within everyone’s reach. But it is important to pay attention, and to be aware that these sites are illegal.

Why streaming is illegal?

Not all streaming platforms are illegal. There are legal streaming sites and they offer the same multimedia content as the illegal ones. Moreover, it is not really streaming in itself that is illegal, but it is when the site diffuses contents without having the rights of diffusions that it becomes illegal.

What are the risks?
The risks are numerous, and especially for the owner of illegal streaming content. For the consumer, he is usually not at risk.

Privilege legal offers like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO, Popcornflix and others

In recent years, legal and paid streaming offers have multiplied and seem to attract more and more users. To enjoy unlimited multimedia content, choose sites that have the right to distribute them online, and therefore that are part of legal offers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO, Popcornflix and others.

Our opinion of streaming sites to watch movies in HD

There are two forms of streaming: legal streaming and illegal streaming. Both offer the viewing of online content. We strongly discourage you from going through illegal streaming.

On the other hand, legal streaming sites are paying. However, it is recommended to opt for legal streaming. A subscription to Amazon Prime or Netflix allows you to watch movies and videos legally streaming. This allows you to avoid any risk of legal sanctions. In addition, their offer is very interesting and can enjoy a variety of content.

Streaming has become more and more popular with Internet users and as a result, streaming sites have multiplied. However, there are certain pitfalls and risks to avoid to break the law, because illegal streaming sites are obviously more numerous than legal streaming sites.

In the hope of seeing these streaming sites keep you company throughout this 2019 year, we can only wish you good streaming!

We will try to always update this list of the best sites of free streaming movies and series in english for the year 2019, so do not hesitate to visit!

And if you know another good site that we have forgotten, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments!

Good entertainment to all, we have here a list that can be complete because everything is there for you our dear readers, please just share this publication with your friends and this is easy to do.

Comment, contact us if you encounter difficulties, for the moment we tell you again! Good entertainment and good sharing of this publication… we hope to see you again on this site next time and especially we hope you liked the best free movie streaming sites. Hope you liked movies streaming websites reviews too.

Zapata is building a flying sports car that will reach 400 km / h

The French world champion in watercraft races has successfully defeated the English Channel and will soon start a futuristic vehicle construction project that will set new historical records.

The 40-year-old fan of extreme sports secretly builds a unique flying vehicle with his team of exquisite engineers, which has never been seen before. It is supposed to be a sports car, which will reach the speed of about 400 km / h in the air and have a range of about 120 kilometers.

At the moment, little is known about him, but it is no secret that his first tests were successful. The invention is intended to have 10 electric motors. The Frenchman revealed that for the next two weeks he would be resting with his family after the hard struggles of a flight over the English Channel, and later he would work on completing his new flying love.

Zapata also revealed that the invention will be ready later this year. It is not clear whether it will be another flying taxi, only in the sports version or a flying car that can start from the parking lot. Either way, it’s sure to catch the attention of extreme sports fans.

A flying car called PAL-V Liberty. Fig. PAL-V Liberty.

It is highly probable that we will see this unique vehicle officially during the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will take place next year. The Japanese announced that there will be the most phenomenal and technologically advanced devices in the history of mankind.

Interestingly, the French government was also interested in Zapata’s ideas, especially Flyboard Air. The local army co-financed over EUR 1 million on new vehicles and new vehicles. We can therefore expect that soon the soldiers will be moving along futuristic vehicles from futuristic vehicles straight from sci-fi films.

History is happening on Earth’s orbit. Here is a sail propelled by the sun

The Planetary Society reports that the unique mission of an innovative solar-powered satellite is going well, and as a proof, astronomers have shown phenomenal images of sail and Earth.

A few days ago, the microsatellite set itself in the direction of the sun and the release and distribution of the sail took place, and thus the most breakneck part of the whole mission began. The organization has also published images of our beautiful planet made by the device and the sail itself. We can see with our own eyes that it performs excellently.

LightSail 2 consists of four small sails made of a material called Mylar. Together they have an area of ​​32 square meters. Sail does not have a traditional drive. According to the plan, it is to travel on Earth’s orbit, pushed by photons from our daily star.

The association wants the device to fly around our planet. If we succeed, we can talk about a real revolution in the missions of small space installations. The lack of the need to install a drive in microsatellites will not only drastically reduce the costs of space missions, but will also speed up the construction of devices and will prolong their operation in orbit.

Plans for the use of such propulsion in space ships appeared in the 1930s, but then it was pure science fiction. The Planetary Society in 2015 conducted the test of the first prototype LightSail 1. Then it was not without problems, but eventually the device according to the plan entered the atmosphere and burned over the southern Atlantic.

Researchers collected valuable data that allowed them to build a new prototype. Now an association made in 1980 by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman will carry out another experiment. This time the sail will be more advanced. The LightSail 2 mission started on June 25. The device flew into orbit on board the Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX as part of the STP-2 mission for the US Department of Defense.

Bird eggs can communicate at an advanced level

Recent research suggests that among birds, we can observe a phenomenon that looks like science fiction, namely embryos found in eggs can communicate with each other.

Of course, we all know that chick communication is at the highest level and we can easily hear when they demand food from their parents, but according to researchers they can do much more, that is, communicate with each other while still in eggs, and this form of communication is supposed to affect behavioral and psychological characteristics of newly hatched individuals from one hatch. It is true that a long time ago we managed to prove that birds and other oviparous creatures receive sensory information by the shell, designed to prepare them for life outside the egg, but the latest discovery is something more.

New research by the Spanish University of Vigo suggests that the gull embryos are able to obtain the necessary information not only in the classic way, but also from their siblings, still in eggs. In recent years, a lot has been said about small turtles communicating with each other about common hatching, and some birds and reptiles can do the same because of the sounds sent out from inside the shell, but we still have not answered the question whether these chats between eggs serve more.

Researchers have found that embryos not only hear and respond to their parents ’emergency calls, but are also completely different from hatchlings in behavioral and developmental terms, from chicks who were not able to hear their parents’ calls. This is very interesting in itself, but that’s not all, because when we put an egg that has been subjected to the factors mentioned here, among other eggs that it did not experience, they also show the changes described above, which means that embryos can communicate with each other, most likely using vibrations.

To confirm their theory, scientists simply collected 90 eggs from the nest of a Roman gull on the island of Salvora, which they divided into groups of 3 in the laboratory and placed in special incubators. Then 4 times a day, two eggs from each group were stimulated to suggest the presence of a predator, and then put aside – of course there were also test groups. After hatching, it turned out that embryos that were in one nest with eggs subjected to sound stimulation behaved in the same way as siblings, although they did not hear these sounds themselves. What’s more, the chicks hatched longer, they were quieter, they were more cowering when they saw the threat, they were smaller and had shorter legs. In short, they developed certain defensive features, as if they had heard warning signals themselves, so the only option is to share information between embryos.

See how the Spacehip starship prototype will jump to a height of 200 meters

The Elona Muska company has a great goal. It is landing on the surface of the Moon faster than NASA. Then it will be the first private company in history to do so. Before that happens, soon Starhopper will reach heaven.

The billionaire announced that measuring 18 meters high and 9 meters wide, the test structure made of stainless steel, will rise to a height of 200 meters already on August 12, and in the next 2-3 months will reach the space. For now, SpaceX engineers managed to reach a height of about 20 meters, so the largest flights ahead of them.

The trials will continue on the prototype located in the Boca Chica resort in Texas, but will soon also start at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It should be emphasized here that the first prototype is more advanced, because it was made faster, and it is on it that more crucial tests are conducted.

SpaceX announces that the announced tests will still be carried out on one Raptor engine, but three will already be used in the first experimental flights into space. Ultimately, the full-sized version of Starship will have more than 40 engines that will be necessary for flights to the Moon, Mars and other planets of the Solar System.

According to the vision of Elon Muska, Starship is to take even 100 space tourists on board, and travel with them to foreign worlds. Musk also provides for ship travel between the Earth’s metropolises. This is to be the fastest means of transport that our civilization has created throughout its history. The first mission of the ship is to take place in 2021, and the landing on the Moon with crew in 2022 or 2023.

A popular Chinese vlogger accidentally showed a real face and … lost her fans

Success in social media is most often addicted to the appearance, as the popular Chinese vlogger, who by accident mistakenly showed fans his true self, became a painful sight.

The woman, working in the media as Your Highness Qiao Biluo, turned out to be a decade older than the persona she presented to others in her materials, using special filters. Everything seemed to be a mistake during one of her last live streams on Douyu platform, which showed viewers the true face of their idol – beautiful and young goddess disappeared, who thanks to “sweet and soothing voice” gathered on her channel 100,000 followers, and her place she took a much older, unknown woman.

What’s most interesting, the fans themselves asked Your Highness Qiao Biluo to remove the filters, because they have long suspected her of using them and showed them their true face, but she confessed that she could not do so until she received a subsidy of the total amount of nearly 12 thousand USD. Fans quickly mobilized themselves to action, and one of the people even paid $ 5,000 a month, but soon afterwards it turned out that completely unnecessarily, because as a result of the error everyone could see the idol’s face completely free, and this long did not even realize that something is happening – you can see it on the following material.

And although the incident quickly became a viral in China, due to the unexpected nature of this disclosure, it should be noted that the use of face filters in live streams in this country is very common. South China Morning Post even prepared a special document in which he revealed how popular stars make completely new faces, thanks to make-up and filters, completely different from those which nature has given them. Is there anything wrong with that? Everyone has to answer this question himself, but it can not be denied that the phenomenon is disturbing for many reasons.

First of all, some users confessed after the event that they feel cheated by idol and pulled on money, because it turned out to be something different from the ideal image presented in the media. On the other hand, after revealing it quickly turned out, in what times we live, because when Your Highness Qiao Biluo turned out to be a mediocre middle-aged woman, users immediately lost interest in it, even though they listened to her soothing voice afterwards. . Anyway, it’s good to be aware of how modern social media work, to avoid possible disappointment later – when it comes to the vlogger itself, after the initial outflow of fans, the popular material from the disclosure brought her 500,000 new.

Japan wants to create a superman. Human-animal chimeras will be created there

Scientists from the Land of the Rising Sun want to finally make practical use of the world’s latest technologies of genetic modification in living organisms. The first artificial superhuman will be built in Japan.

The research is conducted by Hiromitsu Nakauchi, along with his team of scientists from the University of Tokyo. Some time ago they created the world’s first pig-human chimeras, from which it was possible to take organs for transplantation in humans as part of tests.

However, the ambitions of the Japanese team are much bigger. Scientists want, by means of advanced genetic modifications, not only to create a system of mass production of organs replacement for people and to lay the foundations for eternal life, but also want to create a new species of animals that will have the characteristics and capabilities that have been reserved for humans.

Scientists are experimenting on rats and pigs because they are mammals whose body’s functioning is close to ours, human. The scientific world sees the possibility of creating pig-human chimeras, above all for the needs of transplantation. Such organs are to be perfectly matched to a particular patient, and the recoil risk is practically limited to zero.

The experiments involve injecting a embryo into the pig’s embryo, at the blastocyst stage, the inducible pluripotent stem cells of the patient who are waiting for the transplantation of the organ. Cells are made from somatic cells. In such a pig-human chimera, there are tissues, both animal and human. Only the kidneys that are transplanted are made entirely of the patient’s cells.

Researchers say blood vessels raised from human and porcine cells will not induce organ recoil in patients. The research conducted by Japanese specialists caused a huge wave of criticism in medical circles. Scientists accuse Nakauchi of violating all ethical principles, because the brains of chimeras and their reproductive organs are also formed with the participation of human stem cells, and this is a subject of great controversy.

Nakauchi, however, wants to approach this unrewarding topic from the most ethical and moral side. Therefore, his team will not create and kill embryos for no reason. The research is to be strictly controlled by the University of Tokyo authorities and government bodies. However, the aim of the Japanese is noble, they want to open a new chapter in the history of transplantology, which will be a quick and effective exchange of any organs on request.