Charlie Sheen as Iron Man This is what the alternative MCU of the 90s looks like

Charlie Sheen as Iron Man: This is what the alternative MCU of the 90s looks like

In 2008 “Iron Man” was the hour of birth of the MCU. But what if it had worked out ten years earlier? This is what the artist jasonandwho has now imagined. We present you three posters about the alternative 90s MCU.

In 1990, a film adaptation of “Iron Man” was tackled. Over the years, the project went through several attempts at various Hollywood studios – until the rights reverted to Marvel in the mid-2000s and the comic giant quickly did it itself.

But let’s imagine we were living in an alternative universe (surely no problem for comic fans), where everything turned out differently and the MCU started back in 1995. Turn back time with us …

But let’s imagine that we were living in an alternative universe

1995: Charlie Sheen is Iron Man

The year is 1995. Despite heavy criticism, “Batman Forever” is a financial success, but another comic adaptation shows that it can be done much better: “Iron Man”.

Actor Charlie Sheen proves after comedies like “Hot Shots” and “The Indians of Cleveland” what we have known since “Platoon” and “Wall Street”. He is a superstar who gives the perfect Tony Stark with a lot of charisma. At his side, Cameron Diaz as Pepper Potts is a real find.

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1997: Nicolas Cage is the new Tony Stark in “Iron Man Reloaded”

After Charlie Sheen beat his partner, porn actress Brittany Ashland, unconscious in 1996, he can obtain a mild sentence in court with an admission of guilt, but there is no longer a place for him in a family-friendly mega-franchise from Marvel.

But the successor is a godsend: Nicolas Cage is amazing as Tony Stark. His duel with John Travolta as the villain is perhaps the most intense actor duel we have ever seen – always on the verge of overacting, always brilliant.

Filmmaker John Woo will be annoyed that Marvel snatched both stars away from him and that he now has to shoot “Face / Off” with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who were forced on him by the studio, but who are far too straightforward.

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1998: Kevin Sorbo vs Go stream. Jim Carrey in “Thor”

Two “Iron Man” films have proven: the audience wants more! With “Thor” there is now a comic universe that spans worlds. We would never have thought that “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo also had what it takes for the big screen. The fact that he has now left the series amidst great public controversy is a godsend for all comic cinema fans. Because Sorbo is a movie star.

His actor duel with Jim Carrey is particularly outstanding. The comedian makes the Riddler disaster in “Batman Forever” forget with his portrayal as devious Loki.

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How will it go on? Allegedly, Marvel is supposed to plan to introduce the next hero soon. But who plays Captain America? And are the rumors really true that there will be a mega-event with “The Avengers” in 2000?

The use of the posters for this alternate timeline is courtesy of Reddit artist jasonandwho, who designed these and may have more plans.