This is how the Atlas V rocket looks like in the view from the camera installed on its board

The United Launch System has published breathtaking footage that was made during the Atlas V rocket flight during the recent AEHF-5 mission for the United States Ministry of National Defense.

In the film we can see the most important part of the rocket flight with the extremely important, fifth communication satellite built by Lockheed Martin. It was created as part of the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) program for American space aviation and the center of missile systems. The mission started on August 8 top world tech.


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See how Starhopper from SpaceX rose to a height of 150 meters

Finally there was the long-awaited major leap of Starhopper, an early prototype Starship that will take people to the Moon and Mars. Overgrown R2-D2 beautifully started and settled on the test bench.

The test was a great success, but all fans of the company and the space industry had to wait for it a bit because the start was postponed several times. It finally happened yesterday (27.08) late evening Polish time. During an experimental flight, Starhopper rose about 150 meters above the surface of the SpaceX test facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

Elon Musk announced that the first demonstration flight of the actual Starship prototype will take place soon. It is currently being assembled at a facility in Texas and Florida. Meanwhile, Starhopper will be modified and become a test stand for the powerful Raptor engines.

The early prototype called Starhopper is equipped with one Raptor engine, but the next, large version of the prototype should result in increasing their number to 3 pieces techboss. Although the engines are powerful, 3 will not allow flight into Earth’s orbit. Ultimately, there will be 7 of them. Then the ship will easily go into space, far beyond the conventional limit of 100 kilometers above the surface of our planet. However, for flights to the Moon or Mars you will need a SuperHeavy rocket, which will be equipped with 31 Raptor engines.

Elon Musk also announced a conference at which he will reveal new details about the company’s plans for testing the prototype of the ship and already those related to the finished vehicle and the SuperHeavy rocket. Apparently the conference will also concern the planned flight around the moon and landing on it. We can also count on new information about the first mission to Mars and plans to build a colony there.


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The Polish design of the Martian base has been awarded in the famous competition

Poles have once again proved that their projects related to the construction of bases on foreign objects and their exploration using advanced devices are one of the most appreciated by the world of the space industry.

The Martian base project Dome was awarded in the famous First Colony on Mars competition. The creators of the project are the Innspace team from Wrocław composed of: Łukasz Sokołowski, Beata Suścicka, Justyna Pelc, Magdalena Łabowska and Piotr Torchała. Students presented a concept that uses the latest technological advances and natural conditions on Mars.

Poles chose materials with shape memory. Large temperature amplitudes on Mars will make habitats made of such materials change shape, e.g. by letting sunlight into objects, but at the same time increasing radiation protection. At night, the petals forming the domes of the objects will return to their places, thanks to which they will provide greater thermal protection during cold nights web guides best.

Flexible solar panels, e.g. made of perovskites, to cover the base dome flakes will provide electricity for the normal operation of the base. Their movement will make them automatically clean themselves from dust. The habitat is designed for about 50 people. It has been divided into several zones in which colonizers will be able to rest, work and grow plants.

The success of Poles is significant because the competition in the competition was powerful. As part of it, as many as 125 great works of talented student teams from around the world were sent. We can be sure that the ideas of the Innspace team will be used in the future by the scientific world, when we are building the first habitats on the Red Planet.


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Meat delicacies, not containing meat, in the most popular fast food restaurants

With a flash of lightning, the 2.0 meat fashion is created, which is the perfect substitute for meat, but at the same time not containing any gram of it. Genetic engineering will allow us to create truly organic food.

This is the goal of two companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Engineers have created almost perfect substitutes for burgers and chicken, but at the same time we will not find a single gram of meat in them. As a result, these products of the future can better change food production around the world, reduce hunger, unrestrained slaughter of animals, deforestation, and most importantly, climate change.

We will soon be able to enjoy these inventions of the 21st century in the most popular fast food restaurant chains around the world, namely Burger King, Subway and KFC. Representatives of the corporation are sure that they will enjoy enormous interest. These forward-looking forecasts were based on a series of street experiments. City dwellers admired their taste, smell and appearance. Everyone agreed that vegetable based meat is difficult to distinguish from traditional ones.

But the most important is ecology and limiting the problem of hunger and devastation of the natural environment. Livestock account for as much as 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from living organisms. Experts calculate that a 4-11 percent reduction in livestock will translate into 20-60 percent lower annual average greenhouse gas emissions from animal husbandry. Animal husbandry for slaughter also means enormous energy consumption, deforestation of unimaginable large areas of the Earth, and reduction of land adapted for agriculture.

Both companies have already received relevant certificates from the American Food Agency (FDA) that the ingredients used in the production of meat 2.0 are completely safe for humans and animals. Company representatives ensure that the eco-burger is an ideal replacement for traditional burgers. It not only looks, fried and tastes like a real burger, but also provides the body with the same or even better nutrients.

Impossible Food has recently established cooperation with one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, namely Burger King. Soon, vegetable-based burgers will be on offer, which will be available for purchase in major locations in the United States and Canada. A meatless veg burger boasts 12 grams of fat and 17 grams of protein.

An even more interesting offer is the company Beyond Meat, which has just established cooperation with the network of Subway and KFC restaurants tech guides best. Soon in this first network will be available a sandwich containing fresh vegetables, and with them meat balls that do not contain a gram of meat, because they were created on the basis of plants, but at the same time look and taste like real meat balls. In the meantime, a replacement for chicken will appear in KFC.

Impossible Food is so delighted with its product that it presented in January this year at CES 2019 in Las Vegas its new, modified version of the eco-burger for mass sale. Fans of the latest technology who could try the veggie burger were delighted with it. Everyone believes that it will be an ideal replacement for real meat for all those who want to give up eating meat, but at the same time love meat burgers.

In the future, we will also have artificial test tube meat and insect meat, which has been consumed in southern Asia for centuries, and is still little known in Europe and America. Regardless of whether we like it or not, the future will belong to such innovative inventions.


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See how the Russian battle robot Fedor flies into Earth orbit on the Soyuz ship

The launch of the Soyuz MS-14 ship with a robot on board took place yesterday, August 22. Skybot F-850 will acquire valuable skills and support the work of astronauts as part of the cyber crew project.

The Russian army has great hopes for the works built as part of the Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (F.E.D.O.R.) project, by the military research agency Advanced Research Fund. Ultimately, they are to be fully autonomous killer machines that will be able to perform the most breakneck missions on the battlefields on Earth and in space.

The Kremlin makes no secret that their role will be to protect space installations, bases on the Moon and Mars, and in the future space prisons for the most dangerous criminals. Of course, our neighbors have nothing for the United Nations and the most famous people in the world of technology to stop the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and robots designed for mass killing people.

The Skybot F-850 can boast of great abilities now. He can shoot a pistol and machine gun, move vehicles and lift loads up to 20 kilograms web tutorials top. It can also talk to people in an interesting way. Roskosmos announced that he has a plan to send Ivan aboard the International Space Station. The start of the Soyuz MS-14 ship will take place on August 21. Skybot F-850 will acquire valuable skills and support the work of astronauts as part of the cyber crew project.

The agency calculates that the cost of people in space is several million dollars. The robots could easily spare them in carrying out experiments and planned tasks, and with little financial outlay. In addition, robots can stay in orbit for years, while for people such a stay would be associated with serious health problems.

After 2025, the International Space Station is to be decommissioned or transferred to private hands. It will probably be taken over by companies that will continue their experiments, including from the world of medicine. Then the best and cheapest solution will become advanced humanoid robots such as Ivan.

The Kremlin’s plan is also a response to the vision of Donald Trump and the Pentagon, which assumes the creation of the American Space Forces. Let us remind you that there is already a robot called CIMON from Airbus and IBM. He has advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and computational capabilities of the famous Watson. The robot looks like a bowling ball and is fully autonomous.


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This is the Moon from the perspective of the Indian lander Vikram

The Indian Space Agency has published on its Twitter profile the first image of the Silver Globe made as part of the Chandrayaan 2 mission. The Vikram lander and the Pragyan rover will settle on the moon’s surface in just two weeks.

The image was taken on August 21 from a distance of about 2,650 kilometers from the moon’s surface. We can see two characteristic points on it. The first of these is the Apollo crater. It is an impact crater with a diameter of about 538 kilometers, located on the invisible side of the Earth’s natural satellite. The second point is Mare Orientale streaming articles. It is the lunar sea located on the western edge of the visible side of the Moon. Due to its location, observation of Mare Orientale from Earth is quite difficult, which is why we know little about it.

Take a look at the first Moon image captured by #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander taken at a height of about 2650 km from Lunar surface on August 21, 2019. Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters are identified in the picture.#ISRO

The lander will rest on the surface of the moon on September 6 and, together with the rover, will begin exploring this object. Researchers chose the South Moon pole between the Manzinus C and Simpelius N craters (about 70 degrees south latenographic latitude) for the landing site. The Pragyan rover, during its 14-day mission, will travel several hundred meters on the surface of the planet’s natural satellite. Scientists intend to use it to take thousands of pictures of the moon and make important measurements.

#ISROEarth as viewed by #Chandrayaan2 LI4 Camera on August 3, 2019 17:34 UT

A few days ago, the Indian Space Agency published the latest images of our beautiful planet from an orbit perspective, namely North America, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. ISRO ensures that in September on its profiles on social networking sites will publish more fascinating images of the moon’s surface. So we can prepare for a lot of interesting attractions.


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That’s how SpaceX prepares to send astronauts to orbit with Dragon

Although after the explosion of the prototype manned capsule there were huge complications in preparation for the second Dragon mission, SpaceX is already behind the worst, as evidenced by the latest tests with the evacuation of astronauts.

The Elona Muska company has already carried out a fully successful Dragon flight to the International Space Station, so now it’s high time for a manned flight, with astronauts on board. It will be a historic moment for the American space industry. For now, SpaceX has not revealed when this event will happen, but experts believe it will be the end of this year.

Before this happens, however, there will be one more flight. It will rely on the astronaut evacuation system test if a crash occurs during space flight. Of course, there will be no astronauts on board the capsule either. The test will take place in a few weeks. If all planned tasks are completed successfully, the first astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Bob Behnken, will be able to embark on a maiden flight.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and NASA engineers conducted tests at Trident Basin on Cape Canaveral regarding the safe exit of astronauts from the capsule already on board the GO Searcher rescue vessel and providing them with professional medical assistance. Interestingly, the tasks involved a rescue helicopter that transported astronauts to the hospital.

The experiments were also carried out on the famous LC-39A launch platform, from where space flights will take place. Then astronauts will have to learn how to quickly get out of the capsule, and rescuers will help them in this rather complicated process already directly in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to see more pictures from rescue experiments, then you can do it here.

technology advices.

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Another threat on our smartphones! A serious Bluetooth vulnerability has been detected

Security specialists have just revealed another vulnerability in the popular standard, which allows you to take over the device remotely without major difficulties. Manufacturers of mobile devices are already preparing patches.

The vulnerability was named KNOB and affects almost every device equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, and it is a vulnerability in the authorization protocol that can be used to conduct a man in the middle attack between two paired devices. But what is most important in all this, according to researchers, there is no evidence that anyone used it in this way. However, this is possible because the vulnerability reduces the encryption strength of the combination used to connect two devices together and take complete control over them, and the case is so serious that it requires changes to the official Bluetooth specification.

And how exactly does this vulnerability work? Quite creative, because the attacker instead of using the brute force attack, i slick tips.e. breaking passwords by checking all possible combinations, can join the pairing process, where devices voluntarily connect to each other, exchanging public keys. Although the keys change with each pairing, but if the attacker gains access to them early enough, they can force a shorter key during the next verification, even a 1-symbol one, while remaining unnoticed.

The vulnerability was detected by researchers at Singapore University of Technology and Design, Oxford and CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, who named it KNOB from Key Negotiation of Bluetooth. Tests were carried out using more than 17 different Bluetooth chips that are popular in consumer products and it turned out that all of them are vulnerable to the attack using the vulnerability – Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Chicony or Apple, no manufacturer has avoided vulnerability, and only devices using Bluetooth Low Energy turned out to be insensitive.

However, what is worth emphasizing, although this vulnerability is widespread and affects almost all Bluetooth devices, its use forces the attacker into very specific conditions. e.g. it must be in range of both devices during the pairing process, and then intercept, manipulate and resend negotiation messages regarding the key length to both devices, while blocking transmission from both. What’s more, the whole process must be repeated every time encryption is turned on, so this is a big challenge for a hacker – one way or another, you can not underestimate this, so the largest manufacturers are already releasing the appropriate patches, and Bluetooth SIG changes the specification of the standard, forcing manufacturers to use a key of at least 7 characters in future devices.


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Soon everyone will be able to follow whoever they want straight from the satellite

Josef Koller, a former senior adviser on space policy at the US Secretary of Defense’s office, announced that he is creating a project with the enigmatic sounding name GEOINT Singularity for all inhabitants of our planet.

GEOINT Singularity will be a gigantic constellation of microsatellites that will orbit the Earth in low orbit and observe all, even the wildest areas of it. The devices will also offer quick access to a global 5G network. The goal of the project is to enable observation and tracking of any person without a break, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Until now, such systems were reserved only for government agencies, but Koller wants to give power over them to the people, so that every inhabitant of our planet, for free and in any dimension, can watch / preview all areas of our planet, animals and people. It may sound scary, because it will affect people’s privacy, but if everyone can use this powerful system, then the fears will disappear and the world will become a better place. At least, that’s the vision of a former employee of the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s office.

GEOINT Singularity will be based on the latest observation systems that can be carried out despite the cloud cover, as well as at night. The entire installation is to use the benefits of a super-fast 5G network and be supervised by artificial intelligence technologies. Interestingly, the system is to be ultimately associated with mobile devices of the Internet of Things, thanks to which the system is to collect information about the location of each person and the activities it performs without interruption and in all circumstances.

Koller does not hide that GEOINT Singularity can become a Big Brother in the Chinese fashion of the Citizens Assessment System, but it is this system of permanent surveillance and the availability of information about each citizen that causes fewer crimes, and people are more open to each other and empathetic. We’ll live and see if Josef Koller’s idea will be implemented at all and will work.

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Zapata is building a flying sports car that will reach 400 km / h

The French world champion in watercraft races has successfully defeated the English Channel and will soon start a futuristic vehicle construction project that will set new historical records.

The 40-year-old fan of extreme sports secretly builds a unique flying vehicle with his team of exquisite engineers, which has never been seen before. It is supposed to be a sports car, which will reach the speed of about 400 km / h in the air and have a range of about 120 kilometers.

At the moment, little is known about him, but it is no secret that his first tests were successful. The invention is intended to have 10 electric motors. The Frenchman revealed that for the next two weeks he would be resting with his family after the hard struggles of a flight over the English Channel, and later he would work on completing his new flying love.

Zapata also revealed that the invention will be ready later this year. It is not clear whether it will be another flying taxi, only in the sports version or a flying car that can start from the parking lot. Either way, it’s sure to catch the attention of extreme sports fans.

A flying car called PAL-V Liberty. Fig. PAL-V Liberty.

It is highly probable that we will see this unique vehicle officially during the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will take place next year. The Japanese announced that there will be the most phenomenal and technologically advanced devices in the history of mankind.

Interestingly, the French government was also interested in Zapata’s ideas, especially Flyboard Air. The local army co-financed over EUR 1 million on new vehicles and new vehicles. We can therefore expect that soon the soldiers will be moving along futuristic vehicles from futuristic vehicles straight from sci-fi films.

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