The Pentagon revealed the secrets of the secret mini-shuttle X-37B

The design of the spacecraft called X-37B from DARPA and the Pentagon has been one of the greatest mysteries hidden by the US army for years. Now extremely interesting information about this strange machine has been revealed.

It turns out that the mini-shuttle has the ability to quickly change the orbit. This is why he unexpectedly disappeared from the view of observers and it was hard to spot him again. Heather Wilson, a former secretary of the US Air Force (USAF), revealed that the vehicle can change its orbit to elliptical in such a way that the perigee touches the atmosphere, and then using its gliding techniques, move unnoticed on the near Earth of space.

This shows emphatically that this is not just a machine serving as a cosmic laboratory to perform tests of various technologies in the Earth’s orbit, but most likely also can be equipped with nuclear weapons. Some time ago, the Pentagon announced that space vehicles will be created that will be able to perform a super-fast and effective nuclear strike at any target on the entire planet. X-37B can be a prototype of such a machine.

What’s most interesting, the ability to quickly change the orbit by this mini-shuttle spends sleep on the eyelids of Russia and China, which are unable to control, in contrast to spy satellites, what is happening at the moment with the vehicle and the area in which it is located. Representatives of the Pentagon mock US enemies, making it clear that the X-37B is simply invisible to them.

An amateur astronomer found and immortalized a secret American shuttle in the picture. Fig. Ralf Vandeberg.

The military also revealed that the new Chinese and Russian satellites were built in such a way that they could try to observe the DARPA vehicle, but as before, they failed to do so, because before that happened, the machine changed its orbit in advance.

The best example of her abilities, annoying other armies of the world, is the fact that X-37B has recently been spotted in orbit. This was done by Ralph Vandeberg, an astronomy amateur from the Netherlands. He decided to use his modified 10-inch telescope for this (see here). A few hours after he published in the global network of information about the location of the vehicle, he changed his orbit and can not be found until now.

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Stream TV series online for free and legally

“Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, “Crime Scene”: Anyone who misses their favorite series on TV, can also access streaming platforms. But which offers are free and legal? Our news shows where you can see good conscience TV series on the Internet.

Streaming movies and TV shows via Netflix, Watchever, Amazon, Apple TV, and other services into your living room is really great – but usually comes with fees. Same if you want to watch hd movies online. But there are also more and more providers who bring the regular TV program to the Internet for free. The days when fans had to wait regularly for the same time in front of the flicker box on their favorite series are over so.

Stream US series online

Most series are first broadcast on US television, before they flicker across the screen in this country. If you do not want to wait, you can of course also download the series in English via an appropriate US portal. Fans of American series or films can find it on the video platforms “hulu”, “Sony’s Crackle” or “The WB”.

On the streaming pages users can watch the latest episodes of many series online – in the original and often completely free. The media libraries of the major US broadcasters NBC, Fox, CBS and ABC provide episodes of numerous series online. For the US portals, however, users need an American IP address. Based on this number, website operators can see in which country the subscriber is sitting. So if you want to watch anyway, you have to resort to a program like “HotSpotShield” to get to an American IP address.

Streaming video on Youtube and MyVideo is free, but with commercials. Youtube has now released a movie channel, on the series just as well as whole films are ready to stream. Due to legal restrictions are usually older films on offer. As far as series are concerned, the video platform sometimes delivers entire seasons of German sitcoms, documentaries or concerts. Here you will find the channel for TV shows, which are regularly filled with content by the production studios.

If you want to watch both american and foreign languages TV Series online without limits and paying, the choice can be only one: VipMovies. VipMovies offer thousands of old and new TV Shows and Series to watch online, fast servers and daily updates make it the best option compared to paid platforms and other full of ads free tv series streaming websites.

Militaria Pentagon has a futuristic weapon that it will use when storming Zone 51

On September 20, an attack of over a million people banded on social networks on a secret base called Zone 51 in Nevada is planned. Fans of conspiracy theories want to see if strangers are kept there.

Unfortunately, it will not be an easy task. The Pentagon declared that it was prepared for this action and volunteers would have to reckon with the use of all sorts of ways to deter them (see here). At the same time, the army presented the results of their work on a very strange project that will officially be used in the non-lethal and psychological system of deterring the enemy with the help of blinding light and voices.

They are created in a plasma sphere, created with the help of two lasers. The first of these, the femtosecond laser, creates a glowing plasma ball, and the other, nanolaser, tuned to an extremely narrow range of wavelengths, changes its structure. Along with its movements, light and acoustic waves are generated.

In practice, it looks like the army can create such a phenomenon in the atmosphere, in the form of a holographic-acoustic spectacle, for example over the area occupied or stormed by the enemy, and speak to people as though God himself spoke to them from Heaven. This form of deterrence is characterized by such high efficiency as LRAD systems installed from ships.

the pentagon reported that it is testing the system. Most likely, it can be used already in September, when fans of conspiracy theories will try to storm the Zone 51. We can expect events in the sky similar to the vision of the Blue Beam project.

It sounds scary enough, but it can be effective, at least the Pentagon says. Most importantly, this is not a deadly weapon, but nevertheless effective. On the above footage you can see how it looks in practice. Probably nothing more frightening you have not seen in the past week.

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Internet Watching pornography on a global network is ruining the climate of our planet

As recent research suggests, porn films on the web emit as much carbon dioxide as a small state. So it looks like they are not as friendly to nature as it might seem.

Temperatures that prevail in some countries of the world really give food for thought and mobilize even small changes limiting our impact on climate change. What can we do? According to recent research … watch less porn on the web! Such conclusions come from a report published by the French The Shift Project, an independent advisory committee of a non-profit organization calling for a total abandonment of a coal-based economy.

How can we learn from it, online video generates 60% of the entire data flow in the network or 1 zetaabyte of data, while generating 300 million tons of carbon dioxide per year – it is more or less the same as the whole of Spain. One third comes from video-on-demand (VoD) services, like Netflix, and the same from watching porn on the web, which means the same amount of carbon dioxide generated as countries such as Belgium or Nigeria.

All because the production and use of digital technologies requires a lot of resources and electricity, and as estimated by The Shift Project, the energy demand of this internet industry is growing every year by some 9%. As we read in the report: – Although we already know the negative impact of digital technologies on the environment, these are still growing. And the situation will only get worse, because it is enough to mention that soon there will be another streaming service on the market, ie Google Stadia, and more people are watching content only at high resolutions, so CO2 emissions will increase.

As we can learn from the report, controlling the impact of online content on the state of the environment requires a lot of goodwill from us, that is, the transition from digital immoderate to true sobriety. This means “prioritizing location of funds depending on their functionality, adapting to the physical constraints of our planet, while maintaining the most valuable contribution of digital technologies to social life”. Is it even possible? It’s rather hard to imagine, but to make us realize how much greenhouse gases our computer emits, the Shift Project recommends installing the extension to the Firefox browser, which visualizes it.

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Astronomy The Chinese space station Tiangong-2 finally fell to Earth in the Pacific region

In June last year, the Pentagon announced that another Chinese space station could soon fall to Earth. It’s about Tiangong-2, on whose board Chinese astronauts have been recently.

At the beginning of April last year, the whole world held its breath when there was information about the inevitable collapse of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1, which the Middle Kingdom lost control in the autumn of 2016. Everyone was afraid that he would fall into a big city and lead to a terrible catastrophe. Eventually her remains fell into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, thankfully not causing any damage.

However, another threat appeared on the horizon. This time it was about the second Chinese space station called Tiangong-2. They had recently been hosted by astronauts aboard her. They carried out valuable experiments from the point of view of exploration and space exploration.

Tiangong-2 began to rapidly lower its orbit in June last year. Nearly 9-ton space laboratory was located at the height of 380 kilometers above the surface of our planet and for months to come closer to the Earth. Yesterday (19.07), quite unexpectedly, the China Space Agency announced a successful station deorbit.

The space installation was partially burnt in the atmosphere, and the remaining debris fell into the waters of the Pacific Ocean in an area known as the dump of satellites. The whole undertaking took place in a completely controlled and safe manner.

However, the Middle Kingdom wants to go a step further and send a manned mission to the Silver Globe. To make this possible, first plans are to build a large space station on Earth’s orbit. It will be baptized with the name Tiangong, in honor of previous modules. Initially, it was supposed to start in 2020, but the problems with building the most powerful rocket in the country’s history, called Chang Zheng 5, forced the government to verify its plans.

Most likely, the first element of the cosmic home will be carried into orbit in 2022. The station in appearance will be very similar to the famous Russian Mir, but slightly smaller than it. China wants astronauts to be constantly on board, and conduct important research and experiments. Interestingly, the Middle Kingdom is not going to bunk in space. Recently, the government invited other countries around the world to cooperate in the construction of this facility.

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Militar DARPA revealed a video of joint training of soldiers, robots and AI technologies

The future of the battlefield is autonomous and remote controlled robots that will support soldiers in every possible, even the most difficult situation. All this will be ensured by the latest technologies of artificial intelligence.

The goal is not only to ensure the highest level of security for the troops of the US Army soldiers, but above all to increase the effectiveness in performing dangerous missions on enemy territory. DARPA conducts experiments at the Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California.

On the published footage of the training, we can see a branch of marine soldiers, which is supported by four-wheel rovers and drones. Robots observe the terrain from the ground, while drones provide a view of the battlefield from a bird’s perspective. The image from devices driven by artificial intelligence is in real mode sent to tablets of soldiers, thanks to which they can quickly, more efficiently and precisely make critical decisions that have a huge impact on the course of their missions.

Interestingly, intelligent devices are not equipped with lethal weapons. They have an observational dimension, however, the Pentagon has announced more than once that the armed robots will eventually appear in the army, regardless of all the controversies associated with this topic. The Arma explains that it must take adequate action on the announcements of Russia and China, which they have been testing combat robots for a long time and intend to use them in possible military operations.

The Pentagon does not conceal that the fields of the future will become faster and faster metropolises. The military has recently tested artificial intelligence in the city to detect enemies. Futuristic technology has been designed, built and implemented by British experts from Defense Science and Technology Laboratory.

In the monitoring infrastructure of urban streets and people tracking, monitoring cameras, radars, scanners, robots, drones, satellites and, of course, artificial intelligence were used. The last one, in her opinion, is a super-fast analysis of the collected sky-high amounts of data and the detection of the potential danger coming from a camouflaged enemy.

As the weakest link in all of this technology is man, AI systems are also supposed to support, and even guide, the soldiers’ hand, for their safety and reduce the likelihood of tragic mistakes that can result in the death of innocent people. Artificial intelligence will also take them out in the performance of monotonous activities involving monitoring by enemy movements.

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Medicine. Fruit juices and sweet drinks drastically increase the risk of cancer

We have just had to publish the results of extensive research on the influence of sugary drinks and fruit juices on the risk of cancer, and these are, in short, very surprising.

And although scientists do not say directly that fruit juices are harmful, the results of their research speak for themselves, but from the beginning. We are talking about research on a really large scale, because they included 100,000 people who were monitored for about 5 years. The people who took part in the test collected data on their own, filling out three special forms every day, and then every six months they passed them on to researchers, along with information about their current weight. Collected documents allowed to draw the theory that 100 ml of sugared drinks a day is enough to increase the risk of cancer by as much as 18%.

But what is the most shocking, the same result is funded by 100% fruit juices, while no similar connections were found with food and beverages with artificial sweeteners. In addition, it is worth remembering that this is not the first study combining sugary drinks with cancer, because a similar relationship was demonstrated last year by Australians, indicating an increased risk of 11 different types of cancer. The only question is whether this is indeed the case, because not all scientists agree with it.

Nikolai Petrovsky, an endocrinologist at Flinders University in Australia, suggests that this is a large over-interpretation and in his opinion other factors related to the lifestyle and nutrition of the subjects should also be taken into consideration, because a large intake of sweetened drinks may suggest a poor diet at all, hence also a higher risk of cancer. In one case, doctors and physicians agree, overweight and diabetes raise the risk of cancer, and the consumption of sweetened beverages is an additional burden factor.

This correlation was indicated by the research from 2014, when 13-year tests on 350,000 people were summarized, in which the direct relationship between sugar and cancer was not shown. That’s when the idea came that maybe it’s about diabetes and overweight caused by it, which just lead to an increased risk of getting sick. Therefore, the most important thing is to control not only the consumption of sugary drinks, but also all of your diet, remembering, however, that natural juices can be equally dangerous here.

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Nvidia technology with another milestone in the development of artificial intelligence

It can not be denied that Nvidia has a huge contribution to the development of artificial intelligence, all through advanced systems that allow us to fully exploit the potential of AI, and today we learned that it has just achieved another goal.

It seems that Nvidia wants to offer solutions for any type of artificial intelligence, regardless of its scale – from tiny modules for voice assistants to smartphones, to huge data centers. Unfortunately, so far it meant a lot of different technologies, because as it turns out there were no solutions on the market that could be easily modified depending on the needs – until today, because the manufacturer has presented the world fully scalable chips, while maintaining full performance.

Nvidia remembered about its technology last month during the VLSI Symposia in Kyoto, describing a tiny test chip that can work independently on less demanding tasks or combined with even 36 similar in one module to meet the toughest challenges such as deep learning, both cases operating at full capacity. And how to measure its actual performance? Engineers usually do this by checking how many operations they can do on the joules of energy or millimeter of space.

In this case, we’re talking about even 4.01 tera-operations per second, or 1000 billion operations per second and 1.29 TOPS per millimeter. Relative to previous prototypes, this means 16 times more area efficiency and 1.7 times higher energy efficiency, and after the merger we achieve the result 127.8 TOPS, a 32-fold increase in efficiency. In short, while many companies specialize in very niche solutions for a very narrow group of devices, Nvidia proves that you can use one technology that works great in every case.

According to one of the company’s main engineers, Bill Dally: – The multichip modular option has many advantages and not only for future scalable accelerators for deep learning, but also for creating versions of our products that have accelerators for various functions. What’s more, Nvidia did not say the last word yet, because, as Dally claims, they have already completed the work on the version, which literally doubles the TOPS / W ratio of the chip: – We believe that we can do even more and aim at the still scalable 200 TOPS / W.

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Astronomy. See the beautiful start of the Falcon Heavy rocket in slow motion

SpaceX has recently coddled its fans and enthusiasts of the space industry. We already had the opportunity to see the view from the cargo cover and the moment of landing on the ship, and now we got something even more interesting.

How about spectacular shots in slow motion to launch the most powerful rocket currently used in the space industry? Ryan Chylinski prepares films as part of his Cosmic Perspective studio. SpaceX authorities allowed him to place his ultrafast cameras near the launch platform LC-39A, from which he launched into the space of Falcon Heavy with the mission STP-2.

Chylinski managed to capture the start of the rocket from several perspectives, thanks to which the beginning of the flight, the most spectacular part of the mission, we can see in such details, in which we would normally never be given. A great applause depends on the American of Polish descent, because preparations for the successful conduct of such an action are an extremely breakneck task.

It must be borne in mind that rocket launches are often postponed due to weather conditions. All equipment must be controlled remotely, and by the way be constantly active, not to miss this great moment. Chylinski revealed that a set of ultra-fast cameras equipped with a small set of solar panels, thanks to which the equipment could be powered for several days when the launch of Falcon Heavy was postponed.

“My goal is to show the great perspective and beauty of what is happening at the moment of the start, stop the time and arouse interest, inspiration and inflame the imagination” – said Ryan Chylinski, the originator and implementer of the project.

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Technology The Russian airbase in Syria disrupts the GPS so much that it can be seen from space

Conflicts between the United States, Israel, Russia and Iran are best seen in Syria, where for several years these countries have been trying to gain possession of local gas and oil resources and control its transit from other countries.

The Russian government supports the current president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and his actions. The Kremlin has several bases in Syria, including one of the key ones called Humaymim. There would be nothing extraordinary in its existence and functioning, were it not for the fact that it is an interesting object in terms of technology and science.

Well, this database for some time has an advanced system of disrupting the American Global Positioning System, or GPS. Without it, the most modern planes, rockets and practically all military equipment can not function normally. It is thanks to him that you can precisely determine the position of the fleet of aircraft, organize their work and with surgical precision target and eliminate them.

Meanwhile, over the Humajmim air base in Syria, the GPS system is useless. Information about the interference of the signal by the Russians appeared some time ago, when several American autonomous drone had problems with orientation in space and was unable to observe the set goals. However, scientists now report that the power of the system and its range has increased so much that this GPS-hole is visible even from space, because from the deck of the International Space Station.

Researchers at the University of Texas report that the range of GPS interference has increased drastically, and now covers areas within a radius of 224 kilometers from the base. Researchers intend to conduct additional analyzes of this phenomenon for the Pentagon. Perhaps they will be able to develop systems that will be able to restore the GPS signal over the base, so that the air forces can perform their tasks.

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