A 500-megapixel camera for surveillance of pedestrians has been developed in China The Chinese Big Brother is growing stronger every day. Recently, a camera that can recognize objects from a distance of 45 kilometers was presented, and now the new device will perfectly identify every face in a large crowd.

60 million Big Brother cameras in China rely on artificial intelligence technology to recognize passersby. This is important because the system detects criminals and records any illegal activities. The bottleneck of the entire technology, however, is cameras that record images in low resolution. If there is little detail in the images, then the artificial intelligence has a problem with quick and correct face identification.

This is especially problematic when services want to identify individuals during large demonstrations, e.g. organized in the evening or at night. This is where engineers from Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics came to the rescue. They designed from scratch and built a 500-megapixel camera that can identify a human face even in a crowd of tens of thousands of people.

This invention was presented for the first time at the China International Industry Fair a few days ago. The entire system consists of a whole fleet of such cameras. The more there are, the more effective the detection of specific people is. Engineers have revealed that the device is more than 5 times more effective at detecting facial details than human eyesight.

The government is already planning to implement the new 1337directory into the already existing city monitoring system. Thanks to it, detecting wanted people or tracking selected citizens will become easy as piece of cake. The authorities plan in the coming years to expand the network of Big Brother cameras in China to well over 100 million. This is a huge number that people are not physically able to grasp. That is why the authorities focus on artificial intelligence.