Elon Musk announces the start of the colonization of the Red Planet in just 4 years The billionaire yesterday participated in a videoconference organized by the Mars Society. The head of SpaceX talked there about his company and upcoming plans for space exploration.

Elon Musk confirmed his earlier words that his company would start colonizing the Red Planet in 2024. We can take his plans seriously, because the most powerful space transport system in human history is to be ready for action next year. We are talking about the Starship ship and the SuperHeavy rocket.

The head of SpaceX chose 2024 not by accident. Mars will then return to the nearest Earth in its orbit around the Sun. Such favorable conditions should shorten the journey to this mysterious planet and lower the costs of this historic mission. Musk plans to land on Mars one year after the first human landing on the moon in the 21st century.

NASA wants to send the first women there in 2024. According to the plan, they are to be the first to come to the surface of the Silver Globe and start its exploitation. It is still not known which vehicle they will come to the surface from, whether it will be a NASA vehicle or one of private companies, SpaceX or Blue Origin, but it is certain that it will take place in the next 3 years.

Back to Mars. Probably the first SpaceX mission to Mars will be only reconnaissance. Experts believe that robots will fly there, and astronauts only a few years later. NASA already has designated places where there is water ice, thanks to which you will be able to survive on the surface of this inhospitable planet. Ice can be turned into water, and from it you can obtain oxygen for astronauts and hydrogen to power vehicles and rockets.

Interestingly, the first web guides best colonies may begin to form in the next decade. Poles can play a great role in their construction. Designs of such facilities from Polish engineers make a real sensation in the world. Poles from InnSpace appeared at yesterday's Mars Society conference and prepared several such concepts. They have won many prestigious awards and have a chance to be implemented in reality.