Netflix has found itself in great trouble with content that sexualizes children And it is about the famous production of Gwiazdeczka, which has aroused a lot of controversy since its premiere, all because its protagonists are adolescent girls who are shown in very inappropriate situations according to some people.

From the award at the Sundance Film Festival to criminal charges in Texas, the film "Stars" has come a long way, and although its director did not pay attention to that, the production is loud again. First, concerned parents from all over the world began to speak, then children's rights organizations claiming it was downright 'soft child porn', and now the justice system joins them, or at least in some parts of the world, which apparently has no intention of listening. reassurances that this is not about the sexualization of children, but to pay attention to how serious the problem is the sexualization of children and the growing up of girls in a world focused on body worship and sexualization.

That didn't convince the Texas grand jury, however, so Netflix has to deal with allegations of child pornography! Everything in connection with Promotion Of Lewd Visual Material Depicting A Child, which was passed in this state in 2018 and, as the name suggests, prohibits the promotion of lewd materials with the participation of children. According to the jury, the film "depicts lascivious images of the genitals or private places of clothed or partially clothed children under the age of 18 when the material is being created, which evokes a morbid sexual interest and has no significant literary, artistic, political or scientific value."

And although it is difficult to agree with such a harsh assessment, Netflix is ​​partly to blame for itself, if only for changing the original movie poster to one focused on publicity, which presents one of the most controversial scenes of the film and slightly distorts its message. And although the platform apologized for this behavior and promised to change the promotional materials to more appropriate, the milk has already spilled, and if it were not for this situation, we probably would not have heard about the whole thing. Nevertheless, Maïmouna Doucouré's film, which partly refers to the director's experience, won the acclaim of critics who appreciated the story of 11-year-old Amy, a maturing girl trapped between two cultures tech boss perceive the female body through the prism of her sexuality, modern full sexualization and Islamic traditionalism, where at this age she should be getting ready to get married. Therefore, Netflix intends to defend its production, arguing that the allegations are pointless, including that the movie has no artistic value.