Solaris presents the first eco-bus for intercity transport Can bus travel between cities take place in fully ecological style? Yes! Now it is possible thanks to Solaris. The company presented a vehicle that will change trips beyond recognition, e.g. around Poland.

Solaris has just announced a new model of an electric bus and the beginning of a new era in electromobility. Urbino 15 LE electric is the first electric bus of Solaris, which is dedicated to both urban, suburban and intercity transport. This is another part of the global transformation of human transport to zero emissions.

The Solaris High Energy batteries used in the new eco-bus offer a range of several hundred kilometers on a single charge, therefore, according to Solaris, the new model will also be suitable for intercity carriers. The powertrain is powered by energy from a set of six batteries with a total capacity of 470 kWh. Four of them can be found in the rear part of the vehicle, and two on the roof.

Urbino 15 LE electric is a vehicle packed with the latest technology. On board, passengers will be offered fast internet access, ports for charging mobile devices and advanced security systems. Traveling with children will be pleased with the Iso-Fix system. The manufacturer states that up to 61 people streaming articles board in the two-door version.

The new electric Solaris will be equipped with digital mirrors integrated with the camera system monitoring the vehicle surroundings and eliminating the blind zone. There was also a LED lighting system and cornering lights. In winter conditions, it will be possible to use a sandbox, chain locker and a traffic light system.

Carriers from Scandinavia have already declared their will to buy a new Urbino 15 LE electric. They want to offer ecological travel to residents between small towns scattered across Sweden and Norway. The new Solaris will also appear in Poland, where they will deliver passengers on suburban routes in comfortable and safe conditions.