Spectacular view of Saturn's rings from the perspective of Cassini spacecraft Cassini probe burned in Saturn's atmosphere in 2017. By the time its mission was completed, the vehicle had captured amazing quality images of the rings of this gas giant. The pictures are breathtaking.

Kevin Gill, an expert in multimedia data analysis at NASA, has posted another cosmic footage on his YouTube channel. This time we can see all the beauty and mystery of the rings of the second largest planet of the solar system. Although the probe's mission is now over, scientists are still analyzing the data and gaining valuable insight into the history of the rings, their evolution, and the impact on Saturn, its moons and the solar system.

The images have a resolution of 665 meters per pixel and were taken in 2017. "As a person involved in planning the photos taken just after the probe enters Saturn's orbit, which for 13 years has remained the most accurate images of the rings known to us, I am delighted with the quality of the latest" ... "It seems most appropriate for the Cassini probe to do this at the end of the mission. good pictures of the rings as possible, ”said Cassini Imaging Team head Carolyn Porco of the Space Science Institute in Boulder.

NASA techguides not going to stop exploring Saturn. In the 1920s, space missions will be sent to this planet and its mysterious ice moons, including Titan, thanks to which we will be able to find out if there are any life forms there.