Tribes of Europa explains: All the tribes, characters and their bizarre machinations - from Liv to Lord Vavara

We already know it from the Netflix series Dark. An explanation can work wonders with particularly extensive world building and figures. In our Tribes of Europa overview you can find out everything you need to know about:

Important: some of the characters don't appear until later episodes, but the article doesn't spoil the plot.

Tribes of Europa explains: The Originies - isolated nature lovers

We start the action in 2074 in the peaceful tribe of the Originies. The originies refuse technology because they see the end of the old world in it and live well hidden from almost all other tribes in harmony with nature in the forest - a few hours away from the former Berlin.

The siblings Kiano, Liv and Elja from the Origines

The Origines were founded a few decades ago by the late Chloe. Your three children Liv (Henriette Confurius), Kiano (Emilio Sakraya) and Elja (David Ali Rashed) are the main characters of the series and are scattered in all directions right from the start.

Jacob of the Origines

Jakob (Benjamin Sadler) is Chloe's widower and father of Liv, Kiano and Elja. At the beginning he is in a conflict between the curiosity of his children and the Origines motto to stay out of everything.

In the long Tribes of Europa trailer you get to know the characters

Tribes of Europa on Netflix explains: The Crows - Druffis in Berlin

The wacky and ultra-brutal Crows will settle in the largest European city in 2074 Brahtok (the former Berlin) with 80,000 inhabitants. The tribe, partly painted black and always dressed in black, according to his name (crows), shoots himself down with drugs, but also practices a code of honor and always keeps his word.

The Crows are a proto-fascist leadership culture and want to either wipe out or enslave all other tribes. A few become crows in a gladiatorial match called the Boj.

Lord Vavara of the Crows

The merciless Lord Vavara (Melika Foroutan) is a high-ranking officer of the Crows who is hoping for a rise and a place at the captain's table. With her Bozies (warriors of the Crows) she mercilessly hunts everyone who stands between her and her prey.

Of course, Lord Vavara's sex slaves, who call themselves Lubovniks, have to be mentioned separately. Above all, Dewiat (Jannik Schümann) is her favorite.

Yvar, the captain of the Crows

Yvar (Sebastian Blomberg) is the tyrannical, irascible and presumably coked captain of the Crows. Extravagant in a fur coat and with 30-centimeter heels, he wants to subjugate all of Europe as the leader of the Crows.

The Crow-Prisoner Grieta

Crows would rather kill themselves than allow themselves to be captured. Grieta (Ana Ularu) has no time for this when she and her attacker Liv are arrested by the Crimsons. It should reveal valuable information.

Tribes of Europa declares: The Crimson Republic - the undercooled military

The Crimsons are a patriarchal military dictatorship, even if they try very hard to put their machinations in a positive light. They arose from the remains of the European army of the Eurocorps.

Alongside the Crows, they are the second great power in Europe in 2074. Unlike the Crows, they do not want to wipe out the Tribes in Europe, but rather "unite them under the Crimson flag". The Tribes are allowed to keep their culture - but only if they bow to the Crimsons.

Crimson Commander David Voss

David (Robert Finster, known from Freud from the Netflix series of the same name) is a Commander of the Crimson Republic and the one who captures Liv and Grieta in the forest after the Crows attacked the Origines.

The Crimson Leader General Francis F. Cameron

The Crimson leader General Francis F. Cameron (Game of Thrones actor James Faulkner) wants to agree on a truce with the Crows. His ideal is a new, united Europe - but under his rule.

Tribes of Europa explains: The Atlanteans - high-tech secrecy

In 2074, the Atlantic will be the most technologically advanced society. Their technological equipment is of great value to the Tribes in Europe. The Crows in particular are eager to use the sophisticated technology to expand their dominance.

No one except the probably peaceful Atlanteans themselves know why their technology survived the great "Blackout" in December 2029 (also known as "Black December").

The crashed pilot of the Atlanteans

We don't learn much about the pilot who crashed at the beginning (Michaël Erpelding), nor about his people. However, the small cube des Atlanteans, much coveted by all Tribes, is the big bang of all the dramatic events of Season 1 Tribes of Europe.

Tribes of Europa on Netflix explains: The Femen - Amazons in Germany

One of the most exciting tribes, which unfortunately can hardly be seen in season 1, but will certainly become even more important in season 2, are the Femen. So far we know about them that they are women and like to travel on horses. They are also merciless warriors, as we experience with the Crows in a boj fight.

So far we have not gotten to know any other characters, 123SHOWS we know that women are very important to solidarity. Whether (and why) they are really as hostile to men as Moses claims remains to be seen.

Tribes of Europa declares: Moses - the independent survivor

Moses (a stage name he gave himself) has a soft core, but a greasy and selfish shell. Together with Elja from the Origines, he tries to solve the big secret about the Cube and the Atlanteans.

We also meet Moses' former (and future?) Lover, who has exactly the right repair skills for Elja and Moses.

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