See how the Russian battle robot Fedor flies into Earth orbit on the Soyuz ship

The launch of the Soyuz MS-14 ship with a robot on board took place yesterday, August 22. Skybot F-850 will acquire valuable skills and support the work of astronauts as part of the cyber crew project.

The Russian army has great hopes for the works built as part of the Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (F.E.D.O.R.) project, by the military research agency Advanced Research Fund. Ultimately, they are to be fully autonomous killer machines that will be able to perform the most breakneck missions on the battlefields on Earth and in space.

The Kremlin makes no secret that their role will be to protect space installations, bases on the Moon and Mars, and in the future space prisons for the most dangerous criminals. Of course, our neighbors have nothing for the United Nations and the most famous people in the world of technology to stop the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and robots designed for mass killing people.

The Skybot F-850 can boast of great abilities now. He can shoot a pistol and machine gun, move vehicles and lift loads up to 20 kilograms web tutorials top. It can also talk to people in an interesting way. Roskosmos announced that he has a plan to send Ivan aboard the International Space Station. The start of the Soyuz MS-14 ship will take place on August 21. Skybot F-850 will acquire valuable skills and support the work of astronauts as part of the cyber crew project.

The agency calculates that the cost of people in space is several million dollars. The robots could easily spare them in carrying out experiments and planned tasks, and with little financial outlay. In addition, robots can stay in orbit for years, while for people such a stay would be associated with serious health problems.

After 2025, the International Space Station is to be decommissioned or transferred to private hands. It will probably be taken over by companies that will continue their experiments, including from the world of medicine. Then the best and cheapest solution will become advanced humanoid robots such as Ivan.

The Kremlin’s plan is also a response to the vision of Donald Trump and the Pentagon, which assumes the creation of the American Space Forces. Let us remind you that there is already a robot called CIMON from Airbus and IBM. He has advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and computational capabilities of the famous Watson. The robot looks like a bowling ball and is fully autonomous.