See how the Spacehip starship prototype will jump to a height of 200 meters

The Elona Muska company has a great goal. It is landing on the surface of the Moon faster than NASA. Then it will be the first private company in history to do so. Before that happens, soon Starhopper will reach heaven.

The billionaire announced that measuring 18 meters high and 9 meters wide, the test structure made of stainless steel, will rise to a height of 200 meters already on August 12, and in the next 2-3 months will reach the space. For now, SpaceX engineers managed to reach a height of about 20 meters, so the largest flights ahead of them.

The trials will continue on the prototype located in the Boca Chica resort in Texas, but will soon also start at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It should be emphasized here that the first prototype is more advanced, because it was made faster, and it is on it that more crucial tests are conducted.

SpaceX announces that the announced tests will still be carried out on one Raptor engine, but three will already be used in the first experimental flights into space. Ultimately, the full-sized version of Starship will have more than 40 engines that will be necessary for flights to the Moon, Mars and other planets of the Solar System.

According to the vision of Elon Muska, Starship is to take even 100 space tourists on board, and travel with them to foreign worlds. Musk also provides for ship travel between the Earth’s metropolises. This is to be the fastest means of transport that our civilization has created throughout its history. The first mission of the ship is to take place in 2021, and the landing on the Moon with crew in 2022 or 2023.