Soon everyone will be able to follow whoever they want straight from the satellite

Josef Koller, a former senior adviser on space policy at the US Secretary of Defense’s office, announced that he is creating a project with the enigmatic sounding name GEOINT Singularity for all inhabitants of our planet.

GEOINT Singularity will be a gigantic constellation of microsatellites that will orbit the Earth in low orbit and observe all, even the wildest areas of it. The devices will also offer quick access to a global 5G network. The goal of the project is to enable observation and tracking of any person without a break, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Until now, such systems were reserved only for government agencies, but Koller wants to give power over them to the people, so that every inhabitant of our planet, for free and in any dimension, can watch / preview all areas of our planet, animals and people. It may sound scary, because it will affect people’s privacy, but if everyone can use this powerful system, then the fears will disappear and the world will become a better place. At least, that’s the vision of a former employee of the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s office.

GEOINT Singularity will be based on the latest observation systems that can be carried out despite the cloud cover, as well as at night. The entire installation is to use the benefits of a super-fast 5G network and be supervised by artificial intelligence technologies. Interestingly, the system is to be ultimately associated with mobile devices of the Internet of Things, thanks to which the system is to collect information about the location of each person and the activities it performs without interruption and in all circumstances.

Koller does not hide that GEOINT Singularity can become a Big Brother in the Chinese fashion of the Citizens Assessment System, but it is this system of permanent surveillance and the availability of information about each citizen that causes fewer crimes, and people are more open to each other and empathetic. We’ll live and see if Josef Koller’s idea will be implemented at all and will work.