Star Wars 5 Thats why the Empire Strikes Back is a perfect sequel

Star Wars 5: That’s why the Empire Strikes Back is a perfect sequel

If you could taste movies, many sequels would have the taste of warmed up food. But not “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”, which is rightly a perfect sequel – and a perfect “Star Wars” film.

“Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back” runs on August 28, 2020 from 8.15 p.m. on tv; On this occasion we are publishing an older text on the film again

When Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters in 1980, audiences weren’t that used to sequels. Hollywood was only just beginning to establish this trend – but with the first “Star Wars” sequel, one of the best sequels in film history ran right at the beginning.

Brief review: With “Star Wars” (now “Star Wars 4: A New Hope”), George Lucas landed a super hit three years before “Episode V” – to the surprise of everyone involved, especially himself. This first “ Star Wars “film established global fan culture, helped the lucrative” merchandise “industry to break through and is still quoted today, 40 years later, in many other films.

A start with difficulties

In the beginning, George Lucas had a lot of trouble producing “Star Wars 4” at all and bringing it into the cinemas, because everything was against him: the studio that didn’t really believe in the film, the technology that didn’t go far enough had been – and his own body, which at some point gave out after all the exertion. But then, with “Star Wars 5”, the work really began: How do you actually continue the most successful film of all time?

How do you actually continue the most successful film of all time?

Lucas and his team opted for the risky route, in which no one could know whether the audience would be involved: Instead of repeating the plot of “Star Wars 4” with slight modifications, Lucas, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and director Irvin Kershner provided one Continuation in the purest sense: The story of Luke Skywalker and the fight against the Empire continued to develop.

According to Chris Taylor’s book “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe”, which is well worth reading, Lucas wanted after “Star Wars 4” that more and more authors and directors would come up with a continuation of the story independently. But then he took over the supervision himself and it was clear to him: “Star Wars 5” is the next part of a multi-film overarching story – and none of these sequels, which will be sucked out of your fingers for the hell of a lot, is just about to continue a hit.

Not a remake

“Star Wars 4” actually ended with a solemn tribute to the rebel heroes Luke, Han and Chewbacca, who blew up a moon-sized super weapon. But in “Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back” we notice right at the beginning that this victory did not bring as much as the celebration suggested. Because the empire is still oppressively superior.

The rebels have to hide in an inhospitable environment, a snow planet. It quickly becomes clear: they won’t be able to stay there much longer. The empire discovered them!

Instead of the rebels being able to plan a final crushing blow against the empire, instead of the plot of “Star Wars 4” basically repeating itself, “Star Wars 5” is simply about surviving. The rebels are on the run.

This is a plot that is different – and could hardly be more exciting. The common thread is missing in many clearly worse blockbusters, but “The Empire Strikes Back” already spins it in the first scene when the imperial spy droid discovers the rebels.

This is a plot that is different – and could hardly be more exciting.

A failing hero

“The Empire Strikes Back” has an exciting framework. And, just as important: We identify very much with our beloved hero Luke Skywalker!

Film heroes are close to us viewers when they have to overcome obstacles – so far, so banal. But they are even closer to us when they learn on the way that they basically need something different than what they originally wanted: In “Star Wars 5”, Luke wants to save his friends who are in danger in the cloud city and break for it he dropped out of his Jedi training with Yoda too soon.

He then fails at Darth Vader because he is not up to him. But Luke doesn’t just fail because of a big obstacle, he fails because of himself. Luke wanted to save his friends, but he needed more training.

In “Star Wars 4” Luke got exactly what he wanted: he left his hated homeland on Tatooine and became a hero of the rebellion by blowing up the Death Star movie 4k. In “Star Wars 5” he overestimates his skills and learns a lesson.

But “Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back” is not only perfect as a sequel, but also as a “Star Wars” film.

But “Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back” is not only perfect as a sequel, but also as a “Star Wars” film.

It has the magic that fans love so much: a wild adventure into the unknown, weird aliens with a funny voice, John Williams’ music, great locations (in addition to the snow planet, for example, a futuristic cloud city) and of course this one big surprise that made film history . Goose bumps!

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