The end of Tenet is anything but a happy ending

The end of “Tenet” is anything but a happy ending!

Topics such as climate change resonate in “Tenet”

Opinion (with spoilers!)

Opinion (with spoilers!)

If you just accept the end of “Tenet” as it is presented, then you can speak of a happy ending with a clear conscience: The protagonist (John David Washington) not only warded off the danger from the future, he actually was even who actually started the whole mission by traveling back in time in the future (the German language simply does not have enough tenses to express everything correctly and precisely in “tenet”).

a happy ending

Sure, Neil (Robert Pattinson) sacrifices himself. But that’s not really bad either, after all, from the protagonist’s perspective, he still has his whole life ahead of him. Ergo the allusion to the classic film “Casablanca” when Neil, shortly before he throws himself into death, talks about the beginning (and not just the end) of a wonderful friendship …

So that ends well, starts well, all right? Regardless of whether forwards or backwards?

So that ends well, starts well, all right?

One step further it’s getting very dark!

But what exactly did the protagonist prevent with his commitment? You could imagine the whole story of “Tenet” from the perspective of the future:

did the protagonist actually prevent with his commitment?

After centuries of exploitation, the earth is finally on the verge of collapse. Wars, famines and natural disasters are likely to be raging. Global warming, rising sea levels, the devastation of the earth’s surface – none of this can be stopped for a long time …

And in this supposedly hopeless situation, a scientist comes up with an ingenious invention with which the already sealed fate of mankind can still be bent: With the so-called inversion, the passage of time can be reversed – instead of finally collapsing, nature would imitate itself and after recovering, at some point even return to their original state …

But puff pie: Some ass in the past with his tenet program wrecks everything in the last second. Shut up, humanity dead!

Some ass in the past ruined everything with his tenet program at the last second 123Movie.

Every man for himself

I’m a big fan of “Tenet” – my 5-star review was far too positive for many readers:

The review of “Tenet”

But at that point I also see a wasted opportunity: The ethical decision that the protagonist makes by saving his own generation, but at the same time sealing the final end of humanity, is never really negotiated in the film.

a missed chance:

The dilemma behind this is in times of climate change

Whether you regard the end of “Tenet” as a happy ending or not has something to do with whether you are already living according to the now literally understandable saying “After me the flood” – or whether you are already living in future Allowing generations to flow into his (political) considerations, because it simply seems morally appropriate, even if the not-yet-born are not allowed to vote for a long time.

or whether one is already allowing future generations to flow into one’s (political) considerations,

“Tenet” has been in German cinemas since August 26th.

“Tenet” has been in German cinemas since August 26th.

Amazon Prime Video throws Rambo Transformers and Nazi zombies out of the program

Amazon Prime Video throws Rambo, Transformers and Nazi zombies out of the program

In the coming weeks, numerous films will once again disappear from Amazon’s streaming platform. Affected among other things: the best “Rambo” film, at least the second best “Transformers” chapter and the blockbuster among Nazi zombie films.

Streaming platforms are practical – thousands of films and series are just a click (or push of a button) away. But only until they are no longer. In contrast to the DVD shelf, which is getting fuller and fuller, Netflix, Amazon and Co. regularly sort out. What can be streamed is usually only available for a certain period of time – with the exception of in-house productions.

In the next 30 days (there is currently no exact date for those films), around three films from Amazon Prime Video that some action fans should have on the watchlist – and now better watch now than later: “Rambo”, “Bumblebee” and “Operation: Overlord”.

Watch “Rambo” on Amazon Prime Video *

Watch “Rambo” on Amazon Prime Video *

Watch “Bumblebee” on Amazon Prime Video *

Watch “Bumblebee” on Amazon Prime Video *

Watch “Operation: Overlord” on Amazon Prime Video *

Watch “Operation: Overlord” on Amazon Prime Video *

Three films that are worthwhile

In addition, Amazon will soon also take other actioners out of the program – such as “Skyscraper” with Dwayne Johnson or the agent satirical “Johnny English 2”. While we can only recommend these two to a limited extent, we would like to recommend the films mentioned above to you.

“Bumblebee”: The “Transformers” spin-off for the yellow “Bumblebee” Bumblebee was not as successful at the box office as the films in the original series, but for us it is at least a family action adventure with an 80s vibe content-wise the salvation of the series. Because instead of soulless bombast, there was finally something for the heart again.


The review for “Bumblebee”

“Rambo”: As the fifth film in the series, “Rambo: Last Blood” could have ended the saga worthily and closed the circle to Part 1 (original title: “First Blood”) simply because of the title. Not only many fans, but we weren’t too enthusiastic about the cult comeback either. If you want to suppress the film or would like to forget it right away, watch the first part again and remind yourself how good “Rambo” can be – because the veteran drama has not lost any of its impact to this day.


The review of “Rambo”

“Operation: Overlord”: Nazi zombie films are often ridiculed and dismissed as trash. And that doesn’t come from anywhere, because that is exactly what most genre contributions are. But as so often there are exceptions here and there – for example “Operation: Overlord”. With production costs of 38 million dollars, it is not only by far the most expensive film about undead Nazis, but above all a strong mixture of horror and action – which looks damn good, is consistently brutal and, unlike the genre, comes across as quite serious cmovieshd.

“Operation: Overlord”:

The review for “Operation: Overlord”