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Listening to classical music significantly reduces the number of epilepsy episodes

It all started in 1993, when the psychologist Francis Rauscher conducted a small experiment on a group of 36 students, namely checking their visual-spatial intelligence under 3 different circumstances. Each test was performed immediately after 10 minutes of silence, 10 minutes of vocal relaxation, and 10 minutes of listening to two Mozart pieces. It quickly turned out that the latter variant resulted in an average of 10 points higher results - since then we have been hearing about the so-called the Mozart effect, i.e. a slight improvement in spatial abilities and general intelligence caused by listening to works of baroque and classical music, especially Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Spectacular view of Saturn's rings from the perspective of Cassini spacecraft

Kevin Gill, an expert in multimedia data analysis at NASA, has posted another cosmic footage on his YouTube channel. This time we can see all the beauty and mystery of the rings of the second largest planet of the solar system. Although the probe's mission is now over, scientists are still analyzing the data and gaining valuable insight into the history of the rings, their evolution, and the impact on Saturn, its moons and the solar system.

Here is the world's first 3D-printed fiberglass boat

Moi Composites presented at the Genoa Boat Show 2020 the world's first fiberglass boat, which was created with the participation of 3D printing. Mambo, because we are talking about it, is equipped with a powerful engine, it is 6.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. Do you admit that it looks great? This is due to its unusual inverted triangle shape, which was based on the famous Arcidiavolo construction by Sonny Levi. It would not have been possible to obtain it using the traditional techniques of building this type of boat.

The Poles will help build bases on the Moon and Mars and missions to foreign planets

Poles have the ambition to participate in even more groundbreaking missions that will be carried out by the American Space Agency or the European Space Agency in the coming decade. We are talking here, for example, about the construction of the Lunar Space Port, which will be a transfer point for journeys to the Moon and Mars. We must also carry out our mission to the surface of both objects and build the first human colonies there.

Smooth skin like a child of any age? Scientists have discovered the elixir of youth

Researchers at Washington State University in a study published in eLife magazine describe a new factor that acts as a molecular switch in the skin of young mice that is turned off when the skin is formed. Interestingly, the researchers managed to turn it on again, which resulted in faster wound healing without scarring - the newly formed skin was even covered with fur and had the ability to contract the paroparous muscles located at the base of the hair follicles, i.e. the popular goosebumps. - We were able to take the innate ability of a newborn's young skin to regenerate and transfer it to the old skin. We have shown that, in principle, this type of regeneration is possible, explains Ryan Driskell, one of the authors of the study.

Sony has yet to let go of 3D, here comes the amazing Spatial Reality Display

In cinemas we can still watch movies in 3D (and in this release it makes some sense, although some users still complain of headaches and discomfort caused by heavy glasses), but a similar trend in the case of home TVs disappeared sooner than it appeared. For a while, TV producers actually explored its possibilities, but customers ultimately did not show much interest, especially since the effects were not as good as in the cinema, so the subject died a natural death. It seems, however, that not for everyone, because Sony has just presented its 15.6-inch Spatial Reality Display panel with a 4K resolution, which offers eye tracking and the ability to watch 3D materials without the need to use VR glasses or goggles.