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Spectacular view of Saturn's rings from the perspective of Cassini spacecraft

Kevin Gill, an expert in multimedia data analysis at NASA, has posted another cosmic footage on his YouTube channel. This time we can see all the beauty and mystery of the rings of the second largest planet of the solar system. Although the probe's mission is now over, scientists are still analyzing the data and gaining valuable insight into the history of the rings, their evolution, and the impact on Saturn, its moons and the solar system.

The first effective artificial sun in the US is to be ready in 5 years

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Commonwealth Fusion Systems said they are in the process of building an experimental artificial sun called SPARC. Their reactor is to be the first in the world to achieve a positive energy balance, which means that it will produce more energy during operation than it will use to keep the plasma heated.

Astronomers discover a supermassive black hole that traps 6 galaxies

The most recent supermassive black hole we have detected is located at the center of the SDSS J103027.09 052455.0 quasar. It has a mass of one billion times the mass of the Sun and such a powerful gravity that it traps as many as 6 galaxies closest to it. It should be emphasized that its gravitational tentacles extend over 300 times the diameter of the Milky Way. Interestingly, this black hole is a very old object that was formed only less than a billion years after the Big Bang.

SpaceX missiles will transport nuclear weapons and military equipment for the Pentagon

Elon Musk is already 3rd on the list of the richest people in the world. Experts are sure that it will take him less than 2 years to reach first place. The US government itself and its latest projects, which are to ensure the United States further military domination in the world, will also help him in this.

Elon Musk announces the start of the colonization of the Red Planet in just 4 years

Elon Musk confirmed his earlier words that his company would start colonizing the Red Planet in 2024. We can take his plans seriously, because the most powerful space transport system in human history is to be ready for action next year. We are talking about the Starship ship and the SuperHeavy rocket.