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Here is the world's first 3D-printed fiberglass boat

Moi Composites presented at the Genoa Boat Show 2020 the world's first fiberglass boat, which was created with the participation of 3D printing. Mambo, because we are talking about it, is equipped with a powerful engine, it is 6.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. Do you admit that it looks great? This is due to its unusual inverted triangle shape, which was based on the famous Arcidiavolo construction by Sonny Levi. It would not have been possible to obtain it using the traditional techniques of building this type of boat.

Netflix has found itself in great trouble with content that sexualizes children

From the award at the Sundance Film Festival to criminal charges in Texas, the film "Stars" has come a long way, and although its director did not pay attention to that, the production is loud again. First, concerned parents from all over the world began to speak, then children's rights organizations claiming it was downright 'soft child porn', and now the justice system joins them, or at least in some parts of the world, which apparently has no intention of listening. reassurances that this is not about the sexualization of children, but to pay attention to how serious the problem is the sexualization of children and the growing up of girls in a world focused on body worship and sexualization.

SpaceX missiles will transport nuclear weapons and military equipment for the Pentagon

Elon Musk is already 3rd on the list of the richest people in the world. Experts are sure that it will take him less than 2 years to reach first place. The US government itself and its latest projects, which are to ensure the United States further military domination in the world, will also help him in this.

Smart home even smarter. Xiaomi presents the Ultra Wide Band

And since smart home devices are an increasingly important part of Xiaomi's activity, going into Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication technologies should not surprise anyone. Especially that it is a solution that serves not only for efficient data transmission between devices, using the 500 MHz band, but also for precise tracking of other devices, their distance and location. According to the manufacturer, its technology gives smartphones and other smart devices a completely new perceptual abilities, something like GPS in the interior.

Sony has yet to let go of 3D, here comes the amazing Spatial Reality Display

In cinemas we can still watch movies in 3D (and in this release it makes some sense, although some users still complain of headaches and discomfort caused by heavy glasses), but a similar trend in the case of home TVs disappeared sooner than it appeared. For a while, TV producers actually explored its possibilities, but customers ultimately did not show much interest, especially since the effects were not as good as in the cinema, so the subject died a natural death. It seems, however, that not for everyone, because Sony has just presented its 15.6-inch Spatial Reality Display panel with a 4K resolution, which offers eye tracking and the ability to watch 3D materials without the need to use VR glasses or goggles.

Solaris presents the first eco-bus for intercity transport

Solaris has just announced a new model of an electric bus and the beginning of a new era in electromobility. Urbino 15 LE electric is the first electric bus of Solaris, which is dedicated to both urban, suburban and intercity transport. This is another part of the global transformation of human transport to zero emissions.