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Listening to classical music significantly reduces the number of epilepsy episodes

It all started in 1993, when the psychologist Francis Rauscher conducted a small experiment on a group of 36 students, namely checking their visual-spatial intelligence under 3 different circumstances. Each test was performed immediately after 10 minutes of silence, 10 minutes of vocal relaxation, and 10 minutes of listening to two Mozart pieces. It quickly turned out that the latter variant resulted in an average of 10 points higher results - since then we have been hearing about the so-called the Mozart effect, i.e. a slight improvement in spatial abilities and general intelligence caused by listening to works of baroque and classical music, especially Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Hackers from the Belarusian opposition began to disclose the exact data of the services

The situation in Belarus has been very tense since the last presidential election - the country is torn by successive waves of protests from citizens who are already fed up with Alyaksandr Lukashenka's regime and subsequent brutal responses from local services. After one of the last ones, the blogger NEXTA announced via the Telegram messenger that he was in possession of the employees of the Belarusian services and that if the situation with the interventions was repeated, he would simply make them public. Unfortunately, this is what happened ... unfortunately, because on Sunday there were more detentions of citizens, this time during the Women's March in Minsk.

Spectacular view of Saturn's rings from the perspective of Cassini spacecraft

Kevin Gill, an expert in multimedia data analysis at NASA, has posted another cosmic footage on his YouTube channel. This time we can see all the beauty and mystery of the rings of the second largest planet of the solar system. Although the probe's mission is now over, scientists are still analyzing the data and gaining valuable insight into the history of the rings, their evolution, and the impact on Saturn, its moons and the solar system.

Astronomers discover a supermassive black hole that traps 6 galaxies

The most recent supermassive black hole we have detected is located at the center of the SDSS J103027.09 052455.0 quasar. It has a mass of one billion times the mass of the Sun and such a powerful gravity that it traps as many as 6 galaxies closest to it. It should be emphasized that its gravitational tentacles extend over 300 times the diameter of the Milky Way. Interestingly, this black hole is a very old object that was formed only less than a billion years after the Big Bang.

Smart home even smarter. Xiaomi presents the Ultra Wide Band

And since smart home devices are an increasingly important part of Xiaomi's activity, going into Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication technologies should not surprise anyone. Especially that it is a solution that serves not only for efficient data transmission between devices, using the 500 MHz band, but also for precise tracking of other devices, their distance and location. According to the manufacturer, its technology gives smartphones and other smart devices a completely new perceptual abilities, something like GPS in the interior.

Elon Musk announces the start of the colonization of the Red Planet in just 4 years

Elon Musk confirmed his earlier words that his company would start colonizing the Red Planet in 2024. We can take his plans seriously, because the most powerful space transport system in human history is to be ready for action next year. We are talking about the Starship ship and the SuperHeavy rocket.