That’s how SpaceX prepares to send astronauts to orbit with Dragon

Although after the explosion of the prototype manned capsule there were huge complications in preparation for the second Dragon mission, SpaceX is already behind the worst, as evidenced by the latest tests with the evacuation of astronauts.

The Elona Muska company has already carried out a fully successful Dragon flight to the International Space Station, so now it’s high time for a manned flight, with astronauts on board. It will be a historic moment for the American space industry. For now, SpaceX has not revealed when this event will happen, but experts believe it will be the end of this year.

Before this happens, however, there will be one more flight. It will rely on the astronaut evacuation system test if a crash occurs during space flight. Of course, there will be no astronauts on board the capsule either. The test will take place in a few weeks. If all planned tasks are completed successfully, the first astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Bob Behnken, will be able to embark on a maiden flight.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and NASA engineers conducted tests at Trident Basin on Cape Canaveral regarding the safe exit of astronauts from the capsule already on board the GO Searcher rescue vessel and providing them with professional medical assistance. Interestingly, the tasks involved a rescue helicopter that transported astronauts to the hospital.

The experiments were also carried out on the famous LC-39A launch platform, from where space flights will take place. Then astronauts will have to learn how to quickly get out of the capsule, and rescuers will help them in this rather complicated process already directly in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to see more pictures from rescue experiments, then you can do it here.

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