The official medals of the Olympics in Tokyo are made of parts of smartphones

The fast-paced Olympic Games in Japan, which will take place as early as 2020, are to overshadow with their panache and amazing ideas for the 21st century, all historic events.

We already know that the SonO ambassador has been Son Goku, and the mascots are to be small Gundam and Char Zak works that will be on board a special microsatellite. The robots will measure only a few centimeters high, but both will face a great cosmic mission to the glory of the homeland.

But it is not everything. There is also a great pro-ecological side of this great venture from the world of sport. Well, all Olympic medals were made of parts obtained from the recycling of smartphones. As in every electronics there are precious metals such as nickel, gold, silver or platinum, the Japanese have collected tens of thousands of broken and unnecessary smartphones, and then extracted from them up to 7 tons of metal, including 30 kilograms of gold, 4,100 kilograms of silver and 2,700 kilograms of bronze.

We are talking about collecting precious ores for the creation of 5,000 medals. The organizers have already informed that for the last 3 years they have managed to fully realize their extraordinary project, the first one in the history of this type of events. It helped in the implementation of 2.5 thousand special points, in which you could leave your beloved gadget with the thought of supporting this noble idea.

The action surprised not only the originators of the project, but the Japanese themselves. In total, nearly 48 tons of electronic equipment have been collected. One of the domestic operators supported the campaign by handing over as many as 5 million smartphones, which were left at the showrooms by customers.

Extracting precious metals from them is not such a difficult task, because you can obtain 0.034 grams of gold and 0.34 grams of silver from an ordinary iPhone. When we have millions of such devices at our disposal, they make big kilos. Most importantly, however, Olympians will receive extraordinary medals for their successes, in which millions of Japanese people have contributed to the creation.