The Pentagon has officially confirmed the authenticity of the three recordings of UFOs

In the end, there was an unexpected breakthrough in terms of recording and publication and inform the public by the US military of incidents involving unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

US Navy admitted that the three registration materials for the film American pilots meeting with enigmatic objects are authentic and were made by vision systems installed on board belonging to the army of fighters, among others, F / A-18E. It is worth emphasizing that the military have recordings of a much better quality, but for all the obvious reasons, kept them for themselves and they never see.

Unfortunately, although the movies were published in a global network, the Pentagon representatives and experts have no idea what we really are dealing with. Therefore, objects were described as UFOs, or unidentified flying objects. This does not mean, however, that these are spaceships belonging to the representatives of alien civilizations.

The Pentagon pledged that every now this type of incident will be individually examined by a special department. Experts are expected to lead a detailed investigation and, if these events are not related to national security, they will be made public.

Interestingly, representatives of the US Air Force handed the Senators and the President of all collected materials related observations. Apparently Donald Trump was not particularly interested in them, but more about them looking to get senators. They fear for the safety of the country. In contrast, Trump does not believe in aliens and believes such incidents as a fairy tale.

In reality, unidentified flying objects appear quite often. At least that relationships pilots report. The Pentagon does not hide that investigations are not conducted towards the manifestation of the presence of alien civilizations, only the threat from hostile countries, namely Russia and China.

The point here about the possibility of having their superzaawansowanej flying vehicle technology, which can move with huge speeds and maneuver in the air in such a way that goes far beyond the limits of conventional aircraft.

Is USAF therefore believes that Russia and China have spaceships, which from time to time provoke the US to demonstrate his power? We do not know, but certainly not the Pentagon fears and preparing for conflict with alien civilizations dark net hub. With the disclosed data of the Project Blue Book it is clear that the first mass demonstrations began to assert UFOs shortly after the end of World War II.

If we looked at them from the point of view of futuristic technology developed by Nazi scientists, who after the war continued their work, among others, Russia and the US, we can realize what this is all about.