The Polish design of the Martian base has been awarded in the famous competition

Poles have once again proved that their projects related to the construction of bases on foreign objects and their exploration using advanced devices are one of the most appreciated by the world of the space industry.

The Martian base project Dome was awarded in the famous First Colony on Mars competition. The creators of the project are the Innspace team from Wrocław composed of: Łukasz Sokołowski, Beata Suścicka, Justyna Pelc, Magdalena Łabowska and Piotr Torchała. Students presented a concept that uses the latest technological advances and natural conditions on Mars.

Poles chose materials with shape memory. Large temperature amplitudes on Mars will make habitats made of such materials change shape, e.g. by letting sunlight into objects, but at the same time increasing radiation protection. At night, the petals forming the domes of the objects will return to their places, thanks to which they will provide greater thermal protection during cold nights web guides best.

Flexible solar panels, e.g. made of perovskites, to cover the base dome flakes will provide electricity for the normal operation of the base. Their movement will make them automatically clean themselves from dust. The habitat is designed for about 50 people. It has been divided into several zones in which colonizers will be able to rest, work and grow plants.

The success of Poles is significant because the competition in the competition was powerful. As part of it, as many as 125 great works of talented student teams from around the world were sent. We can be sure that the ideas of the Innspace team will be used in the future by the scientific world, when we are building the first habitats on the Red Planet.